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A Towel Buyers Guide: Continued

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Picking your towels for either the bathroom or the beach isn't rocket science. Its décor science, or absorption science, or practical science, if it’s a science at all! (Décor science definitely is, I studied it at The University of Accoutrements in the town of Style.)

Corduroy Rib, Royal Splendour, Royale (with cheese...), Waffle Border Boucle, Positano, Quadretti, Microfiber, Decorative, Bamboo, Cotton and Egyptian!

Overwhelmed? Confused? Don't be. We know there is a lot to choose from and tons to consider - life is hard enough without the added stress of having to choose towels, which is why we're here to help. Like pillows, towel selection is incredibly personal. You don’t just pick a towel to dry you. Style, function, loft, and fluffiness are all factors that need to be considered when buying the perfect towel.

If you're like many Australian households, your bathroom is perhaps the most used room. If so, you'll need some everyday, workhorse towels - like our Corduroy Rib bath towels. They can be used frequently and they can be washed over and over again without compromising the quality.

Canningvale corduroy rib bath towel range

The Corduroy Rib Towel is an all over micro rib, cotton towel. Each rib is a single row of loops, tightly compressed, so the texture is subtle. The Corduroy Rib towel is a modern light weight towel, fast drying, absorbing water quickly and comfortably from the skin, and dries itself quicker on the rail than other heavier towels. A perfect towel for Spring and Summer seasons or warmer climates.

And the colour palette has been crafted to match its modern, light weight, seasonal composition. With bright aqua’s, pinks and greens, and solid colour blocking black, grey and white. It’s worth mentioning that when you buy, use and display black towels, you’re making a contemporary bathroom statement. While white has been the standard go-to for centuries, black is just as usable as, and arguably more low-maintenance than white towels.

"Oh no! I spilt my wine on the nice new…oh that's right they’re black, its fine."

- You 1.3 rosés deep.

Do you find the towels you’ve just pulled from the closet are somehow finding their way back into the wash after only a day or two? They develop that mildew-y smell after only being used once or twice? It might be that your towels are not drying fast enough - yes there is such a thing as being too absorbent. The fluffier plushy and heavier luxury towels are usually designed to be slightly decorative, often saved for guests or the powder room. This means if you, hubby and the kids are cycling through them over 2 days then they’re not getting the adequate drying time they need.

Does this mean you have to forgo luxury? Never! Simply a lighter weight towel is in order; our Waffle Weave Bath Towels would be the perfect alternative. 100% cotton and at 550GSM, they are one of our lighter towels however this doesn’t mean they’re not absorbent. They dry you quickly, just as they dry quickly themselves, and with a contemporary design and classic boucle weave they’re a perfect addition to any bathroom.

Canningvale waffle border bath towel range

Don’t you dare take any of those lovely waffle towels to the beach or the pool. Invest in two extra large beach towels and you’ve got enough towel for a family of four. Why not just buy four towels? For the same reason you wouldn’t take bath towels to the beach - because a beach towel serves more than just a decorative and hygienic function, therefore you need more of it. Light to carry in a bag, the thinness also means it can double as a baby wrap, sarong or even a table cloth. And an extra large beach towel is extra versatile, because you can fit twice the people on it, it can cover twice as much area and it’s twice as convenient as any regular sized towel.

Believe it or not, many Australian houses actually use beach towels in the bathroom - especially if the bathroom is small. That's because they're thinner than bath towels, making them easy to hang and store.

Do we strongly advise you to keep the beach towels at the beach and invest in some good quality bath towels for your bathroom? Of course not! Put them in your linen closet, why would you leave them at the beach? Do you live at the beach?

Perhaps you simply prefer the bright eye-catching colours and ease of care that beach towels bring. Well again, take a gander at our Corduroy Rib towels, perhaps Viridian, Shell Pink or Citron will suit your colour palette.

Or maybe go back to basics with the classic white bath towel sets. Don't be put off at the idea of snowy white bath towels. White towels like white sheets or white shirts are just one of those things you need. Similar to black, white is an easy and multipurpose colour; only difference between white and black towels is you really don’t see black towels often. If you have teenagers, both girls and boys who struggle to keep white towels looking white, a black towel is the perfect alternative. However if you don’t then you definitely need some plush white towels - nothing says luxury like a warm fluffy towel waiting for you after a bath.

Canningvale cotton bamboo bath towel set

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum there are decorative towels, often used in powder rooms or guest houses. They usually have light patterns or a feature point. Canningvale's, for example, have a fringe. The Positano towel is perfect for a fresh light bathroom and the blue and grey colours have a real Mediterranean vibe to them.

This towel guide could go on and on! Who knew there was so much to say about towels.

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