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How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

Posted by Canningvale Team on 25th Oct 2019

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I’m using the terms "changing" and "washing" more or less interchangeably when it comes to sheets (and towels); I’m going ahead and assuming that when you strip linens off the bed, you're going to wash them and/or put clean sheets on the stripped bed. And not just continually purchasing new towels and sheets to avoid washing anything, at all, ever. (IT HAPPENS, MILLE EVERYWHERE).

Now Jolie Kerr, a ‘cleaning expert and advice columnist’ in her article on Esquire has broken it down beautifully using her Jolie Cleanperson's Sheet-Washing Scale:

  • Once a Week: Ideal
  • Once Every Two Weeks: Totally Acceptable
  • Once a Month: That's Fine. Not Good. Just Fine.
  • Once Every Six Weeks: Dicey
  • More Than Two Months: [CLUTCHES PEARLS]

Clutches Pearls indeed. She goes on to mention the nuances regarding personal preference whilst sleeping. Much like with bathing, some people need to scrub the shame from their skin 4 times a day and some regard personal hygiene as “optional”. Similarly whilst sleeping you might wear some gorgeous Chevron PJ Set, or nothing at all. You might have cats, and dogs, and children of whom desperately enjoy toast in bed (the crumbs, oh the crumbs).

Summer is on the way in, are you prone to night sweats? – is the person sleeping next to you? In the hotter months you need to be changing them more often than the cooler ones, while remembering that just because you haven’t had a sweaty night in winter it doesn’t mean that after two weeks your sheets are still clean.

Essentially you spend 6-8 hours rolling around in your sheets every night, after a week it’s fair enough to say there is enough DNA in that bed for someone to come along and re-create the species if we suddenly die out. Because of the sheer amount of time we spend in our beds you want to be having a hygienic and comfortable experience which can improve your quality of sleep. Mattress and Pillow Protectors offer you that extra layer of protection for breathability and hygiene, not to mention extending the longevity of your mattress and pillows.

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Do you have acne prone skin or allergies? Think about the build up in your pillow cases of dust mites and body oils, and not even considering the fact that they’re not “clean” - you could be waking up with watery eyes sneezing up a storm, or red-faced with a break-out. If you do have sensitive skin or allergies, there's no rule saying you have to change the entire sheet set at the same time – change your pillow cases first, they’ll take up less room in the wash and are the least obtuse to change.

I know that whenever I’m sick I wait to change my sheets and towels until I start to feel better, otherwise I feel like I’m bringing the sickness into the clean sheets. The same principle should apply when you’re healthy.