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How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 4th Jan 2024

Towels, those unsung heroes of our daily routine, need a little more attention than we might think. Ever pondered whether your trusty towels are getting the love they deserve? And how often they should be washed (spoiler alert: it’s more often than you may think!).

Buckle up for a towel talk because we're about to spill the sudsy secrets on towel care.

Bath Towels & Bath Sheets: The Sweet Spot

Wash your bath towels and bath sheets every 3 to 4 days. Why? Well, bathrooms are essentially humidity’s favourite hangout, and when you’re using your towels daily to dry off, dead skin cells, bacteria and even sweat can accumulate quickly on your fluffy friends. Unless you’ve got a heated towel rail or drying vent, your towels are probably not drying fully between uses.

Regular washing is key to evicting any germ party that might be brewing. Your skin deserves the luxury of drying off with a fresh towel, and if allergies or skin conditions are part of your story, you could even consider washing more frequently.


Care tips for your towels

  • Use just a quarter of your usual detergent to avoid a soapy residue
  • Throw in some bicarb and vinegar during the wash to keep your towels soft and fabulous
  • Ensure those babies are bone-dry before you stow them away
  • If the dryer is your go-to, let wool dryer balls work their magic - less tumble drying time and no unwanted creasing or wrinkling

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Bath Mats: Weekly Dance Party

Whether you see the dirt or not, give your bath mat a weekly spa day. They’re dirt magnets, collecting all sorts of lovely things like dead skin, hair and the like. Sharing a bathroom? Wash more often to avoid any unwanted athlete’s food shenanigans.

Care tips for bath mat bliss:

  • Cold or warm water is the way to go for washing
  • Skip the fabric softeners and bleaches to keep it au naturel
  • Give it the solo treatment in the wash

Hand Towels: The Little Troopers

Change up your hand towels at least every two to three days. If your bathroom is a bustling hub of activating with multiple towel users, you might want to consider a more frequent change.

Care tips for hand towels:  

  • Less is more when it comes to detergent for hand towels - just a tiny splash does the trick.
  • Wash in cold or warm to keep them feeling plush.
  • Make sure to wash any towels separately from other laundry to avoid items that can pull or snag the fabric.


Face Washer: The Gentle Touch

Your face deserves a clean canvas, so aim for a fresh face washer every day. Yes, you heard right! Especially if you’re using it to remove make-up. Your face washer is super effective at removing dirt and makeup and the texture of the terry fibres also gives a gentle exfoliation, but where is all that dirt and dead skin going? Directly into your face washer.

Care tips for face washers:

To keep things clean and prevent bacteria and mildew, washing your face washer after every use is ideal.

Remember, a little towel TLC goes a long way in keeping your bathroom buddies happy and your skin even happier. So grab your detergent, set those dryer balls free and let the washing adventures begin. Your towels will thank you by drying you off consistently year after year. Happy washing!

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