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How To Buy The Best Towels: Expert Tips From Canningvale Quality Team

Posted by The Canningvale Team on

Towel shopping shouldn’t be stressful. However, with so many weights, colours and textures out there, so much depends on more than touch alone. Faced with stacks of products in a wide variety of prices, it can be easy to get lost in the process. Our experts at Canningvale are here to help you buy a soft, absorbent luxury bath towels without absorbent prices. Check out our online towel buying guide


Through thick or thin, Canningvale is here to help you buy towels that last. First, we need to figure out your ideal thickness. Towels, just like bed sheets, are graded by measuring the GSM - or grams per square meter - of the bath towel. GSM determines both the quality of the towel as well as the water absorption rate. The higher the GSM, the higher the absorbency rate.

A luxury bath towel should have a GSM between 600 and 800. These plush, cotton bath towels allow you to cocoon yourself in them after the shower. If you want hotel-worthy towels, see at the Canningvale Royale Collection. At 700gsm, these over-sized towels are the most luxuriously thick and absorbent towels offered in our online range.

Medium GSM towels are made for everyday comfort and range from 450 to 700 GSM. They’ll dry quicker than your large, plush towels and are the bread and butter of a well-stocked linen cupboard. At 650 GSM, our Oslo towels are a perfect example of this. For more information on which GSM towel is right for you, read our towel online guide.


The thicker and heavier the towel, the more water it can absorb. If you’re finding your current towels aren’t doing you justice after a shower, then maybe you should be looking to up the ante with a heavier bath towel. Look for Egyptian or Pima cotton as those types of fibres are much more absorbent than your stock standard cotton. When you’re in the store, inspect the stitch. A dead giveaway for a high-quality towel is dense, tight loops. If you can see the base of the towel, put it down and move on.

Canningvale has a solution to your absorption problems. Our Egyptian Royale set is crafted with extra long staple Egyptian Cotton fibres and have undergone rigorous testing for quality and longevity. Soak up the opulence in four dramatic colours.


Think of toilet paper. Two-ply is going to last a lot longer and feel a lot better against your skin than one-ply. The same goes for cotton bath towels. Cotton is naturally stronger than rayon and, when combined with polyester, it’ll outlive almost any other towel. The benefit of adding polyester is added structural strength as well as decreased drying times. While a little less absorbent than their 100% cotton relatives, these towels make great options for hotels and gyms.

If you need a heavy-duty towel for your gym bag but don’t want the size or weight, then the Canningvale King Bath Towel towel is right for you. Choose from six different colours and matching hand towels.


A word of warning. If you’re shopping for a new luxury bath towel, be aware that towels will often feel softer in-store than they will after you’ve run them through the wash a couple of times. This is because manufacturers sometimes coat towels in a fabric softening finish which lends to that ultra luxurious feel that is as fleeting as it is soft. If you want premium softness, then take note of the cotton type. Choose 100% Egyptian or organic cotton, and you’ll feel like you’ve been swaddled in a cloud.

To maintain softness, many consumers tip fabric softener into the wash. While this does work, it leaves a film of residue which will decrease your towel’s absorbency over time. Our towel experts recommend using dryer sheets instead. 


Looking for the ultimate luxury? If you’ve got the room and the proper space to dry them, you should choose a bath sheet VS a bath towel. The only difference between the two is the size. Check our size guide for more accurate measurements. Towels tend to measure around 70 x 140 cm whereas sheets measure in at a whopping 90 x 160 cm. That’s much fabric to snuggle down. Browse our range of premium bath sheets, and you’ll forget you’re not at a spa.

At Canningvale, we’re known worldwide as the towel experts. While the look, feel, and design is essential, our cotton bath towels also have to provide a purpose. There’s a reason why we’re the number one choice for Australians bathrooms.  Absorbency, performance and durability are all taken into consideration when we are engineering a new towel. We are confident you will find the right towel from our ranges that best suits your needs and home decor.

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