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How to fold a fitted sheet

How to fold a fitted sheet

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 23rd Dec 2021

Do your attempts to fold a fitted sheet look like you’ve tried to stuff a body in the closet? 🙈 🙉 🙈

If you're tired of guests asking awkward questions, check out the step-by-step instructions below from the amazing @stilettos_and_bricks and

Step 1

On a flat surface, lay out the fitted sheet with the elastic band facing upwards.

Step 2

Pick up the bottom corners of the fitted sheet and turn them inside out (so that the edge seams are facing outwards).

Step 3

Place one hand in each of the bottom corners and tuck them into the top two corners (ensure they are aligned).

Step 4

Fold the left side of the sheet into the centre.

Step 5

Fold the right side of the sheet into the centre – you should be left with a rectangle.

Step 6

Fold the top half of the sheet to the centre. Then fold the bottom half of the sheet to the centre.

Step 7

Fold both edges into the middle to create a smaller rectangle.

Step 8

Fold into equal thirds to give you a neat and tidy rectangle!

How to store sheet sets in your linen closet

To save time searching through the linen closet for matching sheets and pillowcases, @stilettos_and_bricks stores everything together in one neat bundle.

Want to steal her style? Simply place the matching flat sheet, one pillowcase and fitted sheet together into a bundle, then put them inside the second matching pillowcase.

Once the sheet set is cased inside, fold the pillowcase in half – and it's ready to go into your linen cupboard!

How'd you go? Create the perfect folded fitted sheet, or simply scrunch it up into a giant ball and throw it in the back of of the closet? Be sure to share your success (and woes) with us @Canningvalelove

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