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What is Super King and Do I Need It?

What is Super King and Do I Need It?

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 22nd Sep 2021

If you’re looking to supersize your queendom or kingdom, Super King might be your crown jewel 

Long live the king and queen

 @juthamat.by.jem featuring Alessia Bamboo Cotton Quilt Cover Set & Sheet Set in Carrara White

If you currently have a queen or king bed, and find yourself in a tug-of-war over your doona, you don’t need to hike up your kingdom’s taxes to afford a palace upgrade 

To keep political unrest from brewing under the covers, try a Super King Doona and Cover. Expanding your territory by 30cm is an easy way to keep all your royal subjects happy.

Royal style

 @happilybluehome featuring Vintage Quilt Cover set it Denim Melange

Want to keep your palace fit for a beauty king or queen? 

Super King Quilt Covers add some fab draping to either side of your bed (this is how professional stylists get their homes looking so good ). 

Spoil like a royal

 by @renovating_no.52 featuring Beautysilks Pillowcases

You need to get enough sleep to properly rule your kingdom 

If your royal consort disturbs you in the night, you might start to suffer from sleep deprivation.

Upgrading to a Super King bed can meet both you and your partner’s needs, and curb any nighttime coups 

For the larger than life leader

 @woolandwillow  featuring Sofi Sheet Set in Olive & Alessia Quilt Cover Set in White

While Napoleon could use his short stature to sneak under the radar,  you need more space to take on the world – and the bigger the bed, the more you’ll be able to live your best royal life.

The royal heirs

 @lauriemo featuring Lustro Bamboo Quilt Cover - Crema Ivory

If you have kids and pets you’re training for future glory, you need to expand your realm.

Super King creates enough space so that everyone can put their best foot – or paw – forward 

Are you ready to conquer more territory with Super King? Share your picks with us @Canningvalelove

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