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Why Bamboo Bedding is a Game Changer for Summer

Why Bamboo Bedding is a Game Changer for Summer

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 9th Jan 2024

Searching for a new love to keep you cool at night?

Whether you're looking for silky-smooth, temperature-regulating sheets to cuddle up with at night or are longing for a quilt that is light and breathable, look no further than bamboo bedding.

Keep Your Cool with Bamboo Bedding

We know how hard it can be to get a good night’s sleep on a hot night.

With a breathable and thermoregulating construction, bamboo bedding helps to keep your body temperature consistent to prevent sweating. Fabrics made from natural fibres like bamboo, cotton and linen, are the most breathable and will wick away perspiration, keeping you cool and preventing sweaty odours, meaning you stay dry and comfy all night long.

Our Lustro Bamboo sheets are soft, breathable and silky smooth to the touch, the perfect pick to up your bamboo bedding game. Or if you like a more traditional cotton sheet feel, try Alessia’s Bamboo Cotton combo featuring all the benefits of both natural fibres.

Pro tip: Bamboo’s thermoregulating properties actually make it a great year-round fibre, meaning it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter (without being too stuffy)!

Keep Things Light at Night

Bamboo is not only moisture wicking but it’s soft and lightweight, perfect for a warm night.  At the height of summer, the last thing you need is to feel trapped and sweating under heavy bedding.

Changing your quilt for the warmer months is a must, and for breathable softness that comforts without the weight, our Alessia Bamboo Summer Quilts are the perfect pick, pairing even more perfectly with our light to mid-weight Alessia Bamboo Cotton quilt covers and sheets.

Bamboo Bedding is Gentle and Kind

Bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, perfect for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin, bamboo is the ideal fibre for the whole family.

A Love that Lasts

Not just for grown-ups - bamboo fibres are strong and durable, meaning your bamboo bedding will hold its shape for years to come.

The Ultimate Eco-Warrior

This eco-warrior loves the earth as much as you love your home.

It’s fast-growing, requires no pesticides, and gets all the water it needs from natural rainfall. It’s also carbon neutral and biodegradable.

Our Picks

Alessia Bamboo-Cotton Collection: blending the best of both bamboo and cotton, this natural beauty will be the best thing you've ever had wrapped around you

Alessia Bamboo Quilt: if you're desperate to be cool, meet your new bedfellow who won't have you overheating. Breathable softness that comforts without the weight.

Lustro Bamboo Collection: this 100% bamboo superstar is a silky-smooth stunner that is destined to be your one and only.

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