Royale Collection

Canningvale’s Royale collection has something for everyone, from throws to cushions.

About Our Royale Collection

A throw is a must-have accessory for the home because it has so many great uses. During the colder months you can drape it over furniture in your living space and use it as an extra layer to cosy up and keep warm.

A knit throw is also a great styling piece for the bed either tucked in neatly under your flat sheet or thrown across the end of the bed for a more relaxed look.

To achieve a professionally styled look in your home, we recommend using contrasting coloured throws in your bedroom and living spaces. If your bedlinen or sofa is neutral or light coloured, use a darker grey or charcoal throw. If you’ve opted for a darker coloured quilt cover or sofa, we suggest a light shade such as grey or beige for your throw rug.

Although there are many materials used in the production of throws, including cotton, wool, faux fur, mohair, alpaca, polyester, fleece and acrylic, we tend to favour naturally occurring fibre’s in our throws such as cotton and wool. Our luxury throws feature detailed elements such as tassels, marled colours and plenty of rich textures whilst the high quality knit fabric offers an inviting, homely feel.

All our Royale Luxury Throws have been made in a generous 130 x 170cm size which allows you to use them in place of a warm blanket. They will comfortably lie across a Single, Double or Queen size bed and will add a layer of style to a King size bed.

No matter which throw you buy online today rest assured that your throw rug is covered by Canningvale’s 5 year warranty against manufacturing faults. We want you to have complete confidence that you’re investing in an excellent quality, great value product.

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