A throw is a great item to have on hand, especially during the colder months as you can drape it over some furniture in your living space to add a splash of colour which adds a nice bit of home décor when you are not using it to keep warm.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your throw rug is where will you be using it, and some are quite versatile in looks and textures, others not so much. The actual space where you will be using the throw should primarily influence which type you buy. There are many materials, including cotton, wool, faux fur, mohair, alpaca, polyester, fleece and acrylic.

We tend to favour the natural occurring fibre’s in our throws like cotton and wool, however, the polyester pieces do have their place. No matter which throw you buy online today rest assured that your throw rug is covered by Canningvale 5 year warranty against manufacturing faults.