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Our Vision & promise

"Our goal is “to make luxury homewares attainable”, for our customers to make a real home for themselves and those they love. We strive to deepen their sense of belonging, family and friendship because ‘where you put your time, you put your love and where you put your love, you put your life’…now and for the future. We approach product creation to afford the opportunity and incentive for the keenest enjoyment in homemaking, selecting and investing in beautifully made and crafted goods for our homes.

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. We believe in a sustainable business model - one where the focus is on our own unique style and the quality of product, rather than a short-lived fashion trend. Depending on its use, the product’s life should extend to many years not weeks, seasons or fads. This is the foundation of our thinking and inspiration behind our colours and design choices. We deliver on our promise to offer you high quality, on trend products at affordable prices for your enjoyment today, tomorrow and for many years to come. For your peace of mind, we back all our products with a 5-year warranty."

How it all began

Canningvale was founded in 1977 by father and son, Giovanni and Frank Prainito. It was the 70’s and our founder Giovanni Prainito, an Italian refugee from Libya, had an association with a boutique terry towel mill in Bergamo, Italy. Following a fishing vacation to Perth in 1975, Giovanni decided to move some weaving looms and migrate to Australia. Within months, Giovanni’s eldest son, Frank joined his father in Australia. By 1981 the company moved operations to the fledgling industrial zone of Canning Vale and changed its name to Canningvale Weaving Mills.

Why us

Our obsession to select the highest quality materials and weave them into products that become timeless favourites has driven Canningvale since the beginning and for over 40 years. We’ve designed and manufactured collections that are so simple in their elegance, that they transcend both trends and seasons.

At the conception stage of every product we make, we have in mind only one purpose, to make luxury homewares sustainably attainable. We design, manufacture and craft our products with unparalleled technical innovation, fibre knowledge and timeless style that connects with our customers in an intimate experience, encouraging individuality and inspiring desire from the very first time they touch & feel our textiles. A Canningvale product purchase is an exciting experience that delights and surprises, yet feels safe, familiar even, protected by our 5-year warranty and unswerving commitment to our customers.

We believe that bold designs and striking colours have their place in the world, but in the sanctuary of home we prefer the harmonic rhythm that reconciles the hustle and bustle of everyday home life. Our neutral tones and subtle textures offer a solid and calm foundation for confident self-expression in a peaceful home life. This expression is a way for the customer to connect, create & combine other colours within their home and overtime develop their own unique style. We create products to invest in; they are not for the whim of consumption. Ours are never a passing trend; they remain a versatile palette over which our customers can imagine anything to enrich the tapestry of their home life.

Who are we today

Now based in Richmond, Victoria, Canningvale is still a family owned and operated business, focused on making luxury homewares in a sustainable way for Australian families. All products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for a period of 5 years from the receipt of purchase. This pays testament to Canningvale’s continued commitment to quality standards, controls and outstanding customer service.

Quality Takes Time

We believe there is no great measure of quality than time. For over forty years we’ve been engineering, designing and testing to create products that will stand the test of time. Through years of invention and reinvention, we have never compromised on quality.