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3 Reasons To Buy a New Beach Towel in 2017

Posted by A Beach Fan on

There are plenty of reasons to grab a beach towel from Canningvale - especially if you love the beach! They're bigger, so you can soak up those rays without your head or feet hanging over the edge onto the sand.

Canningvale has been at the beach with Australians for almost 40 years, there is nothing that we love more than knowing people are having fun and creating memories down at the beach and that we’ve been there with them for all of those fun adventures.

But the main difference you might notice between a normal bath towel and the large beach towels available online from Canningvale is the appearance. Beach towels can be brighter and bolder, making it easier to spot on the beach as you emerge from those waves to find your belongings - or just to stand out from the crowd and look great!

Today, we're going to explore three reasons you should be updating your towels some in 2017:

1. Sustainable

In short, 'green', 'eco-friendly' and 'sustainable' are big buzzwords, becoming more and more popular as we realise that the old way of production, manufacturing and energy usage really isn’t feasible, and access to eco-friendly practices are more readily available. People are taking notice and generally care more about the importance of looking after our environment, so before you worry too much about how your beach towel looks, make sure it checks your ethical boxes. If your environmental footprint is something you consider when purchasing new products, you can rest easy knowing Canningvale is doing our part too.

Take a look at our generously sized 100 x 150cm Eco Stripe Towel. Each towel has been carefully and individually crafted from new yarn tailings, left over from the manufacturing process, so that no yarn is ever wasted and no towel is ever the same. The result is a distinctly unique, highly absorbent, multi-purpose 100% recycled, yarn dyed towel that will become the centre-piece of any bathroom. Because of its generous size and both neutral and boho colours, it would suit any bathroom or beach goers. Wastage is a big problem with towels or any fabric production where pieces have to be cut down, for example the popular round towel has considerable wastage because they are cut from square pieces of fabric. A quick Google is all it takes to find out about the footprint your purchase it making.

Canningvale Eco Stripe Towel

2. Black is back

Was black ever really out? The colour is never not popular due to its sleek, chic and ease of style.

Imagine you head to the beach and there is suddenly a chill in the wind just after you’ve taken a dip. With a black towel absorbing the heat of the sun you can lay yourself on a warm blanket and avoid those beach chills.

Colour blocking designs with black as a feature colour, or monochrome, are making a splash in this year’s colour trends. You can never go wrong with black and neutrals; believe it or not it’s actually difficult to look silly when draped in these colours.

At Canningvale, we have you and your family literally covered with extra-large beach towels like this luxurious cotton velour number, which we've finished with a chic black fringed hem. The size measures 100cm x 180cm which is enough to hide two kids under or combine with a second oversized towel to create a massive beach picnic blanket.

Canningvale extra large deluxe cotton velour beach towels

3. Popping primaries

The old favorites primary colours are making a big comeback due to the classic and retro value they bring to beach activities. Our Cabana stripe beach towels are a perfect example of retro solid colour blocking with blue, green and red in a classic stripe design that adds a touch of 60’s glamour to any beach day.

If you're more a fan of big and bold than rather than classic luxury, then arm yourself with one of these striking towels in fashionable red, blue and yellow; notice anything beachy about these colours? Yellow, blue, green and red are beach staples - with bright white sands and aquamarine water it’s easy to see why bold colour statements work so well at the beach. In fact, there's no better way to celebrate on the beach than with this summery statement towel.

Canningvale luxury cotton velour beach towels

We love pushing people towards colour here at Canningvale. So while there might be a lingering fear of something too loud and too bold it is good to remember that at the beach you can never be too loud or eye-catching. There is always room for exciting colours and big statements, so while you can be careful with your choice of swimming outfit, that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from colour popping towels.

So with such eco-friendly towels and range of bold and neutral colours to play with isn’t it time you updated your 2017 beach towel collection? There are many other ways to make your bold fashion statements whatever your style with our beautiful high quality beach towels at Canningvale. So let your creative and adventurous side roam wild and get some colour into your life now with Canningvale!

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