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4 Tips to Layer Your Summer Bed

4 Tips to Layer Your Summer Bed

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 20th Dec 2023

As the mercury rises, it’s oh-so-tempting to just start shedding layers from your bed until there’s nothing left.  

More heat doesn’t necessarily mean shedding sheets. You want something to snuggle up in that won’t make you sweat, and the key is picking pieces that breathe. The answer isn’t fewer layers, just more breathable ones. This summer it’s time to tuck yourself in without tucking the heat in too with our top tips for creating the summer bed of your dreams…

Layer 1: Mattress Protectors

📸 by @hausandvogue featuring Cotton Mattress Protector

Do you get especially hot and bothered in the warmer months?

No sweat – start with a good quality mattress protector to keep your big investments clean, fresh and performing in tip-top shape through the summer months.

Our pick:

Layer 2: Sweet Summer Sheets

You need the right fabric to keep you cool in summer, so choosing lightweight sheets will make your dreams so much sweeter. Focus on breathability here. The wrong sheets can be stifling!

Cotton: Cotton sheet sets are extremely versatile - they’re lightweight, breathable, incredibly soft and long-lasting. They’re perfect for all seasons, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Our favourite part? They’re easy to care for and get softer with every wash.

Our picks:

Bamboo: Light, breathable and super-cool to the touch, bamboo is an eco-warrior with heart. Not only is it silky soft, but bamboo fibres are also hypoallergenic (perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitivities) and one of the most sustainable options for bedding.

Our picks:


Layer 3: The Top Layer

If you’re someone who needs a little weight to snuggle under no matter what the temperature, the top layer is going to be the key to your sweetest summer dreams yet.

If just the thought of a quilt makes you break into a sweat, a coverlet could be the perfect substitute. Perfect for even the balmiest summer nights, coverlets are soft and cosy without the weight of a blanket or quilt.

Perfect for all seasons, our Vintage Softwash Cotton Coverlet offer year-round versatility.

Layer 4: Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

When we’re talking about layers, we can’t forget about accessorising. And the perfect blanket or throw is as important as your summer sunglasses. But when it comes to layering in the warmer months, you’ll want to avoid wool or other heavy fabrics and opt for light, more breathable options like cotton.

Our pick:

When it comes down to it, building the perfect summer bed is a bit like the perfect summer outfit – it’s up to you to figure out what feels right. Try out some different options, leave the ceiling fan on, and the morning you wake up feeling dry, comfortable and well-rested, you’ll know you’ve nailed it.

Got questions on layering your summer bed? Be sure to ask us over @Canningvalelove

Got questions on layering your summer bed?
Be sure to ask us over