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5 Creative Ideas To Nail The Coastal Theme: Bedding Inspiration

Posted by The Canningvale Team on

Given 85% of Australians live within 50kms of our country’s beautiful coastline, it’s no wonder coastal themed interiors are an enduring favourite on our design landscape. When done well, coastal themed homes feel fresh, sophisticated, and inviting; full of neutral tones, statement furniture, and wonderfully subtle nods to the sand and sea. When done not so well, they can feel a little cliché, most likely due to one too many jaunty anchor motifs or an over-reliance on cockle shells. Obvious mistakes aside, there are some guiding principles you should be aware of when trying to implement coastal style in your home. Here are five of them, to help get you off on the right foot.

Let the beach inspire your colour scheme

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Take inspiration from the real thing and settle on a colour scheme of sandy hues, ocean blues, and crisp shell white. If you’d rather steer away from blues, greens work just as well and help move your aesthetic more towards the tropical end of the coastal spectrum. Choose a white or neutral as your base and keep it as a staple throughout your home, making it the go-to colour for your walls and ceilings. Choose two or three complimentary colours to add interest to your rooms and maintain cohesion throughout your home. While you can mix up these secondary colours between rooms, it’s always a good idea to keep them in the same colour family to create a nice sense of flow. Try the stormy sea Perla Grey or beach-day-perfect Gelato Mint in our Bamboo Cotton Quilt Cover Set to set the tone in your bedroom, or opt for the aptly named Oceano Royal Luxury Knit Throw for a splash of seafoam blue on the sofa. If you need help working out which colours to bring together, read this article on colour theory . It gives you all the information you need to pick a great combination as well as some tried and tested colour schemes if you’re nervous about creating your own.

Royale Luxury Knit Throw - Oceano

Opt for natural materials with raw finishes

Soft furnishings in linen and canvas - just like the bedding in our beautiful Sogno collection - work wonders in a coastal themed home, adding a sense of relaxed sophistication. Raw finishes are also a great idea, adding a sense of story and character to the space. For example, a raw timber table invokes notions of driftwood, a rope handled dresser gives a nod to nautical, and a generous straw mat lends itself to the idea of grassy sand dunes. Just be careful not to overdo it here and remember that each space should have no more than one statement piece.

Canningvale Sogno Linen Cotton Collection

Maximise natural light

Abundant natural light is one of the most important elements of coastal style. While this is ideally achieved through building design (e.g. generous windows, bi-fold doors, and seamless transitions between inside and out) it can also be accomplished through thoughtful styling. Choose white as your primary wall colour and place a large mirror opposite windows to reflect and amplify available sunlight; opt for light, unfussy window treatments - especially in living areas; and enlist the help of warm bulbs (those labelled in the vicinity of 3000 kelvins) for all your fittings to create a sunny vibe.

Choose subtlety

Coastal themed homes shine brightest when they set a relaxed, holiday ambience; not when their most notable feature is a collection of kitsch nautical art. In other words, you don’t need anchors, shells and seaweed to set the theme. Go for more subtle details, such as macramé cushions, tropical house plants, or ambiguous artwork that interprets as coastal without being obvious, such as a wave-like sculpture or an abstract painting in oceanic colours.

Create space

One of the first adjectives that springs to mind when thinking about beachy abodes is breezy. While your colour scheme and use of natural light will help achieve this, it’s also important to consider the layout of your rooms. Elevate the sense of openness by accenting the periphery of each space rather than cluttering its centre and ensure you decorate to maintain a clear line of sight across each room, especially if you happen to have a beautiful view to enjoy. Including good storage and showing restraint with accessories and trinkets will also help you master the art of breeziness by keeping visual clutter to a minimum.

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