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5 Foolproof Tips to Purchasing the Best Luxury Bath Towels

5 Foolproof Tips to Purchasing the Best Luxury Bath Towels

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 1st Feb 2023

The soft, sturdy, faithful bath towel. The average homeowner doesn't give their bath towels a lot of thought until it’s time to purchase new ones.

Once the search is on, questions inevitably arise. How can you ensure that you’re choosing towels that will last? What differentiates luxury bath towel sets from standard, run-of-the-mill bath towels?

Before you go shopping, keep reading and use these tips to discover what earns the best, softest, most amazing bath towels the label of “luxury bath towels.” You’ll thank yourself every time you step out of the tub.

1. Towel softness isn't everything

Most people wander through a home goods store, touching towels to see which ones are the softest. They believe that softness means quality. While buyers should shy away from towels that are overly scratchy from the start (as that’s not likely to improve), softness actually isn’t an indication of quality.

This is because some towel manufacturers actually add softeners to the towel’s finish so that they seem silky and soft when they’re displayed on store shelves. Once these towels have been through the wash a time or three, that chemical softener wears away and what’s left is often a rough and uncomfortable towel.

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2. Bath towel fabric can make or break the deal

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While you want a towel set that’s soft, you also want one that’s absorbent. There is perhaps nothing so frustrating as a thick, good-looking, soft towel that repels water, rather than sucking it up. The best towel is one that wicks moisture up and away from your skin for ultimate absorbency, such as our best seller Egyptian Royale. This is what makes Egyptian cotton such an excellent material for towel manufacturing. In fact, cotton can hold an unbelievable 25 times its weight in water!

Cotton is also incredibly strong and durable. Unlike synthetic fabrics that fade and break down after repeated washes, cotton bath towel sets last. Another plus? They get softer the more they’re washed.

However, just because a towel is 100% cotton doesn’t mean that it’s a high-quality product. 100% cotton towels can still be poorly-made and likely to fall apart after a few months of use. One way to ensure that cotton bath towels are built to last is to look for ones that are made from zero-twist cotton.

3. Come on baby, let’s do the zero towel twist!

Manufacturers twist yarns in their products in order to make them stronger. Zero twist cotton is naturally stronger and finer than regular cotton. That’s why it’s used in our Aria Towel Collection.

All of the Canningvale bath towel sets are soft and luxurious, but the zero twist cotton in this set makes them truly extraordinary. Towels made from zero twist cotton don’t suffer from any of the scratchiness that other towels experience after being subjected to the wash. Instead, these naturally-soft towels get softer. As time goes on, they’re more and more of a pleasure to grab as you jump out of the shower.

Another benefit to zero twist cotton is that it doesn’t result in bath towels that are bulky and a pain to fold. Zero twist towels are heavy enough to feel substantial and luxurious, but they’re not dense. This means that they won’t weigh down your towel rack or add an absurd amount of extra weight to your laundry basket as you carry them in to the wash.

Luxury bath towel sets made from zero twist cotton are also incredibly easy to maintain. There are no special care instructions; simply wash them in cold or warm water to your preference. As with all cotton, hot water can cause shrinkage in 100% cotton bath towels, so Canningvale bath towel sets shouldn’t be washed in scalding hot water.

The only “special care” instructions really aren’t, as they’re standard for all towels. Remember to wash any new towels before you use them for the first time and wash towels separately from your other clothes. For additional softness, add one cup of white vinegar to your load of towels every month.

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4. Size matters in your bath towel set

No matter how well a bath towel is made, if it’s not big enough to totally wrap oneself in, post-bath, then it can’t qualify as luxury. High-quality home goods experts know this, which is why Canningvale bath towel collections feature bath towels that measure a wonderful 69cm x 137cm - perfect to keep you dry, warm, and snug as you go about getting dressed.

While towel size is important to comfort, so is having something plush to step out on. The Canningvale Royal Splendour Woven Bath Mat is thick and heavy - an incredible 1600 GSM, and an ample 60cm x 90cm. With this bath mat, your feet will be just as happy as the rest of your body.

5. 100% Cotton bath sheet magic

While all of Canningvale’s products are created with comfort and quality in mind, all our items qualify for highest standards and durability. Sleek and soft, they’re the perfect accent to any home. The Amalfitana Collection was developed to highlight both feel and finish, so any bath towels that have earned the Amalfitana label will deliver a bath time experience that’s an absolute indulgence.

Simply put, if you’re looking for luxury bath towels, Canningvale products - and its Amalfitana Collection, especially - leaves no room for the guesswork associated with other brands. From a passion for using the best-quality raw materials to a focus on delivering a product that not only functions well, but looks fabulous.

Canningvale knows elegance and quality in home goods. Ticking off all of the items on the luxury towel-buying checklist, these are new towels to truly get excited about.

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