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7 Stylish Bathrooms to Inspire Your Makeover

7 Stylish Bathrooms to Inspire Your Makeover

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 7th Jan 2024

Is your bathroom feeling about as exciting as a lukewarm bubble bath (without the bubbles)? Don’t fret, we’re here to help you turn up the heat on your decor game with some budget-friendly tips. Transforming your bathroom can be as simple as switching out your towels, or adding some personal touches, like plants or decorative accessories. By mixing and matching some fresh elements with your existing fixtures, you can create a bathroom sanctuary that reflects your personal style.

Get ready to swoon over these seven stunning bathrooms and bid adieu to the bathroom blahs for good!

1. Urban Chic

If you’re looking for a modern industrial vibe, or your bathroom already leans towards shades of grey and white, this is the perfect style for you. For an extra touch of sophistication opt for modern black accessories and a long-burning candle to amp up the indulgence. Choose towels in grey (our Royal Splendour in Storm Grey and Slate are ideal!) to complete a sleek, sophisticated monochrome look.  

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2. Organic Oasis

If your current style leans towards pale timber and neutral tiles, we’ve got the know-how to transform your space into a serene organic oasis. Natural greenery pairs perfectly with a neutral base, so try some native eucalyptus sprigs to bring the outdoors in. Complement this look with towels to match - our Sofi Organic towels in seagrass are the perfect match for this aesthetic.

3. Modern Country Cottage

If your bathroom boasts features like rich oak timber, elegant brass accents or a feature herringbone tile floor (lucky you!), we’ve got just the accessories to elevate your look. Add a touch of artistic elegance by displaying native florals in a sculptural vase. And for the pièce de résistance, wrap yourself in unparalleled opulence with our decadently soft Egyptian Royale Towels in Adriatico Blue. These vibrant blue towels perfectly complement darker timber, giving it a modern and unexpected edge.

📸 by @phoenixandtheocean featuring Egyptian Royale towels

4. Modern Simplicity

Create your modern bathroom haven with a perfect blend of style and a touch of nature. If you’re working with a simple space, featuring clean lines and monochrome palette, enhance it with subtle touches of timber and greenery to bring life and a soothing ambience. Incorporate natural textures like marble or wood (a wooden stool, caddy or towel rail), and some plants to bring some life to your otherwise minimalistic room. Our Alessia towels in Dusk add an unexpected pop of colour that perfectly complements the other natural tones and contrasts against the simplicity of the backdrop.

5. Contemporary Zen

If your bathroom features natural and neutral tones like pale timber and marble, you’ve got the perfect starting point to create your own contemporary Zen oasis. After a refreshing shower, imagine wrapping yourself in the plush embrace of our modern Sofi organic boucle towels in Denim - the perfect shade to bring out the Zen in any space. Indulge in the blissful atmosphere of your very own bathroom paradise and feel like you're on a rejuvenating spa-cation every single day.

6. Serene Retreat

📸 Featuring Egyptian Royale Towels

Step into a serene retreat that hums with tranquillity from floor to ceiling. To create a harmonious composition, consider incorporating timber accents like a stylish stool or bath caddy, adding a touch of natural warmth to your space. Set the mood with a long-burning candle, casting a gentle glow and filling the air with soothing scents. And for the perfect encore, wrap yourself in the softness of our Egyptian Royale Towels in Pink Clay. The soft pink perfectly complements the neutral tones and these towels are crafted from zero-twist cotton, offering a thick and velvety touch. It's a composition of style and serenity that will leave you feeling like the star of your own bathroom symphony.

7. Clean & Tranquil

Starting with a natural and neutral palette of marble or stone in earthy shades is an ideal palette for creating a space that oozes serenity. Incorporate timber accents, like a side stool or towel hooks, and a touch of greenery to bring a natural and soothing touch. Enhance the ambience with a long-burning candle casting a warm and tranquil glow. For this space, we recommend choosing white towels, like our Royal Splendour collection, for a fresh and clean aesthetic that echoes an indulgent day spa experience. Then, all you have left to do is sink into the tub and let your worries fade away on a cloud of bliss and bubbles.

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