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Create the perfect guest room

Create the perfect guest room

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 25th Nov 2021

Are you a bit obsessed with your guest room?

If you are channeling some serious Monica Geller vibes this festive season, here are our top tips for getting your spare room guest ready 🤗

Keep it simple...

Clear out the clutter.

Less is always more, so don’t store your old football memorabilia or high school yearbooks in this space, and make sure you keep your pets out of the space (sadly not everyone will love them as much as you).

We firmly believe that minimalism is the cure to cynicism, so a paired back space creates a welcoming and inviting place that your guests are free to make their own.

Add some sweet summer love...

Guests over the holidays means an Australian summer, so bedding that will keep them cool calm and collected is a must. We recommend our Alessia Bamboo Cotton bedding, this stunner is guaranteed to be the best thing you’ll ever have wrapped around you.

If you want your guests to really get their beauty sleep so they rise and shine more brightly than the star atop your tree, spoil them with silk. The secret elixir to Sleeping Beauty rising from her 100-year nap without a wrinkle or hair out of place, these beauties are soft, cool and nourishing for the skin 👸

Splash out in style...

Make your guests skin sing with towels so plush they’ll feel like a diva 🎤

We recommend our Aria towels, the most deluxe bathing beauties we have on offer 🛁

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, roll them up and place them at the end of a perfectly made bed. You can even pop a flower on top to channel 5-star resort vibes.

If you’re by the beach, be sure to add a few guests beach towels to the mix too.



📸 by @ellehalliwell featuring our Aria towels

Fine tune the details…

Pick the right accessories 👜

Adding a well chosen coffee table book, fresh flowers, or a fragrant soy candle or diffuser can really lift the mood of a room 💜

Hanging a summer robe and pair of PJs on the back of the door is another way to ensure your guests can hang around in your gorgeous guest room but still feel right at home 🏠

We love to be invited over to see your homes, so be sure to share your finished guest rooms with us @Canningvalelove

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