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8 Game-Changing Home Decorating Apps

8 Game-Changing Home Decorating Apps

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 31st Oct 2020

Sometimes technology is so wonderful it makes us want to do a happy dance on every corner. (There are also times where technology is distinctly un-wonderful, like when a self-serve checkout insists there’s an unexpected item in the bagging area despite any physical evidence, or when your phone decides to stop functioning, leaving you suddenly disconnected from your family, friends and Facebook feed.) It allows us to buy new shoes at the click of a button, nail a tight park, and answer our front door from the other side of the country. Technology also helps us decorate our homes like a pro, finding the perfect colours, testing layouts and getting useful professional tips at the press of a button. If you’re looking to do up a room, a floor, or your entire house, make sure you enlist the help of these game-changing apps. We guarantee they’ll put you in peak happy-dancing mood.

Color911 - $5.99 for iOS

Creating a successful colour scheme is half the battle when it comes to interior design, so why not get a little expert help? Color911 is the brainchild of colour specialist Amy Wax, who has helped big name clients perfect their colour schemes for the past 18 years. The app includes more than 100 downloadable colour schemes and also helps you create your own, allowing you to upload photos of an item or room to get some advice - which you can take or leave.

Dulux Colour - free for iOS

Acting like a Shazam for the paint world, this little app will find the closest colour match for any inspiration. Loving this evening’s sunset pink? Have an inkling the fresh Marina Aqua of your Caressa Quilt Cover Set will be the perfect hue for your front door? Simply upload a photo of your current colour muse and the app will sift through Dulux’s 4500 shade library to give you the closest match, before helping you visualise it in either an indoor or outdoor space.

Pinterest - free for Android and iOS

If you’re not already using Pinterest, it’s time to change your ways. This is one of the best apps for finding inspiration for all things, including your home. Search by room, theme, colour or furniture item to access over 100 billion ideas. Save your favourites to a mood board and use this to guide your process, showing pictures to staff at homewares stores as examples of the look your aiming for or using the app to take you directly to purchase points for individual products. If you’re looking for a hit of inspiration to get you going, our Canningvale Pinterest page is an excellent place to start.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas - free for Android and iOS

Houzz is the biggest and most-used of all the interior design apps on the market. And it’s little wonder, with more than 15 million high-res images of homes neatly organised by style, room type and budget. As well as using the app as a source of inspiration, you can also use it to get a visual of pieces and products in your space, shop for the ones you like, and ask advice from the Houzz community, which includes more than one million design professionals.

Photo Measures - $10.99 for Android and iOS

Say goodbye to guesswork with this handy app, which lets you take photos of your space and write the measurements straight on it, ensuring you won’t get the window length mixed up with the window height ever again. It’s great if you’re on the market for any kind of new furniture, whether it’s a sofa, rug or bookshelf.

Mark on Call - $4.49 on iOS

If you’re rejigging a room’s layout, this is the app for you. Once you enter the dimensions of your room and furniture, you can rearrange things to your heart’s content, getting a little help from sample floor plans if needed. The app also includes a shopping list feature, which you can populate with any pieces you need to buy to finish your room perfectly.

Curate - free for Android and iOS

In the market for some new art? Make sure you download Curate first. Rather than employing the powers of imagination to try and determine whether a painting will work well in a room, this app gives you a visual representation of the exact piece to scale on your chosen wall. Simply upload a photo of your space, type in the dimensions of the wall and search for your next painting, sketch or photograph.

RoomReveal - free on iOS

This ingenious invention is like social media for home improvement projects. Share photos of your work from start to finish, getting inspiration and encouragement from others along the way. It can help shape your design to its best possible form, keep you on schedule, and act as a great before and after comparison for you to look back on down the track.