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9 Storage Tips to Help Maximise Space in Your Bedroom

9 Storage Tips to Help Maximise Space in Your Bedroom

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 8th Jan 2024

New year, new space! It’s time to bid farewell to the clutter and welcome a new bedroom vibe for the new year. So, buckle up, because we're about to embark on a clutter-clearing adventure that's part Marie Kondo, part your best friend giving you top-notch life advice. Grab your superhero cape (or cosy socks – no judgment here), and let’s transform your room into a sanctuary of order and relaxation.


1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Under-Bed Storage Stash

Reducing clutter can help turn your bedroom from a dumping ground to a sleep sanctuary. Spend some time clearing out any unused items and move any clutter that you just can’t part with into storage - out of sight, out of mind! Our Robinsons Under-Bed Storage Box Twin Pack is your ticket to organised bliss. Slip storage bins or drawers underneath your bed to house everything from spare bedding to a stylish shoe collection.

Pro tip: Opt for transparent storage to quickly spot your favourites.


2. Cash in on the Clutter: Sell the Good Stuff

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As you sift through your belongings, why not turn your one person's rubbish into another's treasure? Spot anything too good to toss out? Consider flipping it for some extra cash! List it on Facebook Marketplace or check out your local second-hand shop, and boom, you've got yourself a mini treasure hunt that pays.

3. Reach for the Sky: Vertical Wardrobe Wonder

If you’re anything like us, your wardrobe is probably a goldmine of untapped space. Use our Robinsons Storage Boxes to create a vertical marvel. Start by categorising your treasures - one box for bed linen, one for seasonal clothing you don’t need right now, one for random knick-knacks, and watch your wardrobe go from absolute chaos to organised haven.

4. Clear as Day: The Magic of See-Through Storage

Make chaos disappear with our Robinsons Storage Box Twin Pack. These clear wonders are a win/win, giving you space to store your clutter, while simultaneously letting you see at a glance what’s inside. Bid farewell to the mystery box shuffle, everything you need remains right under your nose, where you can find it in a snap.

5. Label Everything: The Path to Instant Findability

Get out that old label maker, it’s time for a labelling party! Label your storage bins, boxes and shelves! No more treasure hunts for that elusive item - a quick glance and you’re there. A little labelling love goes a long way in maintaining an organised home (and your sanity!).

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6. Fold and Store: Bed Linen Brilliance

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Say goodbye to the chaos of mismatched everything! Fold clothes efficiently and use storage bins or baskets in your closet or dresser to keep things neat.

Pro-tip for bed linen: Tuck your matching sheet set inside its own pillowcase to keep things organised, this way you’ll never be scrambling through a bin of assorted pillowcases and crumpled fitted sheets looking for your matching set.

7. Behind Closed Doors: Wardrobe Door Wonderland

Turn your wardrobe doors into functional storage with hooks or hanging organisers. A stylish solution for storing accessories, bags, scarves or even shoes, it’s a game-changer that keeps clutter at bay and style intact.

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8. Cable Chaos Be Gone: Binder Clips to the Rescue

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Put an end to the cable tangle madness! Employ binder clips to fasten your laptop, phone, and other cords to your bedside table or desk. Or use cable organisers with adhesive backing to secure them to the back of furniture. No more searching for the right cord, a tidy solution that’s as stylish as it is practical.

9. Travel-Ready Storage: Your Passport to Organisation

For the jet-setters, keep your travel essentials like luggage, travel-sized toiletries, and adapters inside your suitcase with Robinsons Travel Packing Cubes. This set of six cubes maximises space utilisation and enhances organisation, making packing and unpacking a breeze. Keep the whole suitcase either under your bed or at the top of your wardrobe. It’s a one-stop shop for all things travel, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next adventure.


Got questions on storage tips? Be sure to ask us over @Canningvalelove

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