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Halloween Special (Scary Coupon Code Inside)

Posted by Sexy Pumpkin on

Canningvale coupon code for halloween

So I’ve got a little treat for you...I know - CUP DAY! WEW! FASCINATING! POOR PONIES! POOR ME I HAVE NO MONEY AND I LOST MY SHOE! But also it’s the 31 st of October. Literally I am so excited I could drop kick a clown.

Halloween Is The Best. You have an excuse to run around like a mad woman (or man) stuffing your face wearing ears and a tail - if you did that on any other day of the year they’d be upping your meds. It’s never been the biggest of holidays in Australia, but I mean we get a day off the day before a big game that really only one state is interested in so if we’re questioning Holiday legitimacy I think we can just nip that in the bud.

This year I’m going to be a pumpkin. And I encourage you to be just as vegetarian in your costume selection, it is 2016 you could be a non-fat, vegan pumpkin spiced latte and no one would be able to say anything.

Canningvale halloween robes

And because it’s my favourite of the holidays I've swiped a little discount code off of the IT boogie man, but just like Cinderella this little TREAT will only last until midnight on 31st of October. Candles because unnatural light can be terrifying (Soy, because you’re a strong independent spiced latte who don’t need no full cream.) And the ultra new and super comfy bath robes - available in medium and large.

I recommend pulling out some flicks like Nightmare on Elm, Goodnight Mommy, 23 Dress's - you know the really terrifying, jaw clenching, eye-covering, ear-blocking sins against humanity. Get Poppin, spike the hot chocolate, light some candles (safety first though kiddos) and wrap you and you’re loved ones in layers upon layers of some fluffy robes. (To properly shield yourself from Katherine Heigl and her acting career)

Canningvale robes and candlesHalloween at canningvaleScary Coupon Code from Canninvale


* 50% Off Halloween Special Selection enter code TREAT at checkout applies to Bath robes and Candles.

*Offer valid until 12am on Tuesday 1st November 2016 or while stocks last, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

*Normal delivery conditions apply. Canningvale offers a FREE 5 Year Warranty on selected products.

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