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How Long Should You Nap for A More Refreshing Day?

How Long Should You Nap for A More Refreshing Day?

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 19th Jun 2020

A nap can go one of two ways. You can either wake up feeling refreshed with lots more energy or you may find yourself feeling groggy and even more tired than before. The fine line between the two depends on how long your nap is and what time of day you take your snooze. To help you find the sweet spot for a perfect nap, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for you as well as a rundown of its benefits.

Keep your naps short

The duration of an ideal nap varies for different ages. For adults, studies suggest that it is best to keep your nap time short at 10-20 minutes to help you feel more refreshed. Anything more than that, especially longer than 30 minutes, can make you feel groggy and more tired.

The reason behind this is simple. When you shut your eyes, your brain naturally goes into different sleep stages. If you nap for more than 30 minutes, your brain can reach deep stages of sleep which can make you less responsive to outside factors, causing you to feel more tired. Deep stages of sleep are also quite difficult to wake up from.

However, the 10-20 minute duration is not necessarily recommended for younger ages as they can tolerate an hour-long nap as they are still developing and need a lot of energy. For newborns, for instance, they take a lot of naps throughout the day.

Take your nap midday or early afternoon

Taking a nap too late in the day can give you a significant energy boost, causing it to interfere with your night’s sleep. Make sure to have your 10-20 minutes nap sometime after lunch and before three in the afternoon. This will help you stay focused as adults tend to get distracted post-lunch time.

Create a refreshing environment for your nap

Allow yourself to have a more restful naptime by taking your quick snooze in a quiet and comfortable place with no distractions. This is so you can maximise its benefits and get that quick boost of energy that you need in the middle of the day. But remember to not get too comfy and set your alarm for 20 minutes to avoid oversleeping.

Should you nap?

When done well at the recommended duration and time, a power nap can offer you a lot of benefits such as improved reaction time, performance and alertness. A study also found out that those who take a quick snooze once or twice a week are at lower risk of encountering heart-related medical events.

However, if you’re experiencing insomnia or other problems sleeping at night, napping might not be best for you and it is still recommended to consult your doctor. After all, experts suggest that we should pay closer attention to improving our nighttime sleep as it has a more proven direct impact on our overall health and performance throughout the day.

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