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The Simplest Remedy for Puffy or Tired Eyes

The Simplest Remedy for Puffy or Tired Eyes

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 1st Sep 2020

Had a good cry, allergies or simply lacked sleep which left you with those tired and puffy eyes? It can be frustrating especially when people begin to notice them. But fret not because there’s a simple remedy for puffy eyes that you can easily try at home. Read on and learn what you will need, the process and a few more tips on how to avoid having those dreaded tired eyes.

What You Will Need

As mentioned earlier, this remedy is pretty simple and you will only need a few things: two bags of tea, boiling water and a hand towel. If you have your makeup on before doing this process, make sure to have a remover handy. Then for an additional relaxing feel, you can prepare soothing background music and scented candles and dress in your most comfortable clothes or robe.

What You Should Do

First off, remove your makeup and boil some water. Once the hot water's ready, pour it over your two bags of tea. Let it cool down to a safe temperature.

Tip most of the water out from the tea bags to prevent them from dripping. But make sure not to over squeeze them as well so they'll remain damp. Then, get into a comfortable and slightly laid back position and be ready to apply the bags.

Now that everything has been prepared, close your eyelids and gently place one bag of tea on each eye. Let it sit there for 10 minutes and relax. To avoid inconvenient drips, have a face towel prepared.

Depending on your mood, you can do this in complete silence or while listening to blissful tunes that can make your mind wander.

After 10 minutes, lift the bags off and rinse them with fresh cool or warm water, depending on the climate. Gently dry pat your face with a face towel and continue resting.

Why This Process Works

So, you’re probably wondering how placing tea bags on your eyes can help relieve tired or puffy eyes. The reason behind this is simple. The tea has natural caffeine which can help narrow blood vessels and in turn, reduce swelling.

As you go through this simple process, you may also feel a cool feeling across your tired eyes within a few seconds.

How to Avoid Tired or Puffy Eyes

As they say, prevention is always, always better than cure. Luckily, there are a few ways you can prevent having those tired eyes and keep you looking refreshed all day.

First, take mini-breaks from your screen to avoid eye strain. Try removing your focus on your screen then look at an object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a much-needed relaxation time.

If you’re experiencing tired or puffy eyes due to allergies, meanwhile, it would also be worth avoiding your allergens as much as possible or taking a regular antihistamine.

But above all, nothing beats having a full and quality night sleep when it comes to the best ways to avoid tired or puffy eyes. If you’re having problems with achieving one, consider evaluating your sleeping environment and find ways how to improve your sleep. Perhaps, you can try a relaxing routine similar to the simple way we suggested above to help you get that great night sleep. Or try rearranging your bed linen and pillows and make use of a sleeping mask so you can doze off quickly.

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