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The true story of 1000 Thread Count bed linen

The true story of 1000 Thread Count bed linen

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 10th Sep 2021

Get confused by thread count jargon? Bless your cotton socks 

To help you out, we’ve unpicked the facts from the fiction 

What is Thread Count?

 by @sarahdehays featuring Sateen QCS Shell

Thread count (TC) is the number of threads per 10 square cm of fabric

In theory, if it was a book, it would be how many pages you were getting for your dollar

Does Thread Count count?

 by @simplecasita featuring Lustro QCS in Crema Ivory

Yes and no. The more important thing to consider is what’s right for you 

Just like you wouldn’t pick up a horror novel if you’re easily scared , there’s no point choosing bedding with a super-high thread count if there are other parts of the story that you’ll get tangled up in. 

Do you like silky-smooth sheets? Then you should choose something with a sateen weave

 by featuring Sateen Super King Quilt Cover in Shell Pink

Prefer something with a bit more texture? Linen will really butter you up 

 by @eversohomely of Sogno Linen Cotton

Run hot at night? No sweat, simply choose either 100% bamboo bedding or a Bamboo-Cotton hybrid

 by @cammyalana_ featuring Alessia QCS White

These factors are so much more important than thread count, so make sure you’re making an informed choice that’s suited to your taste 

Villains can be disguised as heroes and heroines...

Some manufacturers add extra threads to poor-quality sheets to increase TC 

 by @buildingouraston featuring Sogno SS & Alessia QCS Carrara White

So while your new sheets might say 1000 TC, they might actually be scratchy and unravel quicker than the plot of 50 Shades of Grey 

You want sheets that would be worthy of the surname Stark  not Lannister  so make sure you’re not going to bed with a villain 

Still convinced 1000TC sheets are 1000% your dream?

Well, we can’t say we blame you there 

1000TC sheets, when made well, can be a feast for the senses 

We have two different 1000 TC ranges for you to choose from 

Our Mille 1000 TC sheets are a knockout. Opulent and with a sateen weave, there’s 1000 reasons why they’re our favourites 

 by @taurodesigns featuring Mille

Our gorgeous Palazzo Royale 1000 TC bedding is a bit of a genre mashup; it’s 56% cotton and 44% polyester. Like any good story, the B plot strengthens the A plot - so poly reinforces the cotton in these beauties to keep them lasting longer than the honeymoon period 

 by featuring Palazzo Royale in Crisp White

The poly is also on the reverse side, so only the cotton touches your skin - ensuring you’re kept in the royal style of your favourite fairytale 

What’s your fave type of bedding? Do you love getting between the covers of 1000 TC sheets as much as you enjoy diving between the pages of your favourite book? 

Be sure to share your fave sheets with us @Canningvalelove

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