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What is a Bath Sheet and Why Do I Need One?

What is a Bath Sheet and Why Do I Need One?

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 2nd Jan 2024

If you’ve spent time shopping for bath linens, you’ve more than likely come across both bath towels and bath sheets in your search and maybe you’ve wondered, “What is the difference?”. Well never, fear – as always, Canningvale has you covered (literally)!

What’s the difference between bath towels and bath sheets?

No, a bath sheet is not like a bedsheet for your bathroom (you’d be surprised at how often this particular question is asked!).

Put simply, a bath sheet is just like a bath towel, except bigger! It’s essentially a super-sized bath towel.

Bath towels are a lot more common than bath sheets, they’re substantially smaller than a bath sheet and are perfect for kids or smaller adults, but if you’re finding your bath towel isn’t quite big enough - bath sheets could be your new go-to!

In case you’re like us, and need to have *all* the info – the order of bath linen sizes – from smallest to largest – goes: face washer (or washcloth), hand towel, bath mat, bath towel, then bath sheet.

What size is a bath sheet?

Like towels, bath sheets also range in size, but they are always bigger! Anywhere from 25-50% bigger on average, our Amalfitana bath sheets in particular are 14 cm wider and a whopping 25 cm longer than their bath towel counterparts.

Size absolutely does matter when it comes to towels, but whether you prefer larger or smaller just depends on personal preference.

Why should I buy a bath sheet?

On the practical side, if you have a little extra height or prefer more coverage when you wrap up after your shower, a bath sheet might be the perfect option for you. A bath sheet works well if you like to stay wrapped in a towel while drying your hair, shaving, or applying makeup, while a bath towel could be a tight fit, depending on your body type.

Also, because they have more surface area to absorb water, bath sheets do tend to remain drier and fluffier as you towel off.

But when it comes down to it – many people just love the extra luxe and plush feeling of wrapping up in a super-sized towel.

Can bath sheets be used as beach towels?

While it can absolutely be tempting to take your super luxe bath sheets along on your next beach trip, we don’t recommend using them as beach towels. Beach towels are usually specifically crafted for the beach – they have sand-resistant properties, and often two sides (one for drying and one for touching the sand).

At Canningvale, we have Velour towels (the side that you lay flat on the ground), this is the side that has been “veloured” which basically means the terry loops have been shaved off, leaving the towel feeling soft, un-absorbent and sand-repellant.

Bath towels are usually thicker and their terry loops can hang on to that pesky sand. The last thing you want is to be rubbing sand into your skin the next time you step out of the shower (and for weeks or months afterwards!!)

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