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What is Click Frenzy?

Posted by No.1 Frenzied Online Shopper on

Canningvale click frenzy sale

Click frenzy is a series of massive online sales events which are held to coincide with the major shopping periods throughout the calendar year. The first Click Frenzy was held in November 2012, as Australia’s first landmark national online sales event. Think the online Boxing Day Sales equivalent.

It’s modelled off the US’s Cyber Monday, which was launched as a way for online retailers to take advantage of the Thanksgiving/ Black Friday sales.

Click Frenzy events centralise hundreds of online deals in one location for one 24 hour period. Customers can search for deals across a user-friendly online marketplace built to withstand enormous concurrent traffic volumes.

Canningvale is getting involved tonight in this month's click frenzy, the theme of which is Travel.

Guess what you need when you go travelling? In summer? To the BeachBeach Towels my friend.

But we thought we'd be sneaky and add a few other little goodies to the frenzy just cause’. And I mean, you can take them travelling with you, there is nothing stopping you - be that person that brings their own pillow and towels to the hotel. I’m not going to judge you, let your freak flag fly.

Plus think of all the Prezzies you could buy! Don’t know what to get Jan at the coffee shop that always sneaks you a coffee on Thursday even though she’s flat out and there is a pissed off looking intern tapping her fake Manolos behind you? A Candle. It says “You the real MVP Jan, Love your work.” but it’s not so over the top that you earn the name 'Creepy Thursday Stalker'.

Or for your Mother in Law, who keeps mentioning how she’d love to see kids running around again and how nice it is to see you in the kitchen! Tea Towels. Native Aussie Design.  Shut her right up.

And for your flat-mate that you don’t really hang out with that leaves passive-aggressive sticky notes on the fridge and always “borrows” your towel? A Luxury Microfiber Hair and Body Towel. #bestroomieever

Click frenzy starts Tuesday 18 th Oct. Doors open...whenever you feel like it, online shopping yass

Dont forget to use promo code "TRAVEL" at the checkout. Happy Shopping

Canningvale | Clickfrenzy online shpping

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