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Of the Oxford English Dictionary's 26 definitions for the word home, this is by far our favourite: A place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates. This definition, rather than the infinitely staler ‘a house or flat’, speaks to the way our homes support our way of life, wellbeing, and sense of place. We all [...]


We recently wrote about the importance of having a home that nurtures you and your way of life, exploring all the associated psychological and physiological benefits (if you missed that post,  you can check it out here). Today we’re going to dig a little deeper into the practical side of things and take a look at the design features that [...]


It’s no secret that cohabitation means compromise. Whether it’s working out a system for who’ll put the bins out, buying a second TV to accommodate your disparate taste in shows, or accepting all the strange little quirks of your other half’s bathroom routine, there are a long list of items you’d probably do differently if you lived alone. Chances [...]


When you think about it, we expect a lot from our homes. As well as providing shelter, safety, and security, we want them to help us relax, recharge, communicate, and socialize, all the while providing an opportunity for satisfying self-expression. It’s a lot to ask of four walls, yet there are homes of all shapes and sizes that rise [...]


Although autumn's only a few weeks old it’s already flung several weather curveballs our way, from distinctly summery Sundays to cold and dreary mid-week spells. It’s the kind of unpredictability that makes choosing the right bedding rather tricky, given you’re never quite sure where the mercury’s going to sit. This guessing game is just as likely to see you sweating [...]


Creating colour schemes is one of the trickiest tasks in home decorating. If you’ve tried to tackle it on your own, chances are you’ve found yourself pondering questions like these: Where do I start? What should I focus on? Which colours work together? Why? How do I choose colours that complement my space and create the right mood? Like [...]


Have you ever agonised over a piece of art, wondering if other people will respond well to it or whether it’s the right fit for your room? While it’s common to feel like you need a fine art degree or a certain number of hours clocked-up in museums and galleries to make good choices, this is simply not the [...]


Do you struggle to get out of bed when your alarm goes off on Monday morning, making vague grumblings about Mondayitis or lamenting the fact you always seem to be starting your week off on the wrong foot? If so, chances are you’re experiencing ‘social jetlag’, a phenomenon tied to the differences in sleep timing between our weekdays and weekends. [...]


Flowers and potted plants are a great addition to your home, bringing a burst of colour and life to even the dreariest of rooms. Unfortunately, not all plant life is safe for pets and - given the inquisitive nature of our furry friends - an uninformed choice can result in upset stomachs and costly trips to the vet. Keep [...]


Are you looking to up your hosting game this year? Whether you’re planning a dinner party, family get together, or afternoon of drinks and canapes, these tips will help you do just that. As well as allowing you to thoroughly impress your guests, these handy hints will leave you with more time to enjoy your own event. We call [...]