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Interior design & Styling your perfect space can be an intimidating process. his week we interviewed  Amanda from Interior Motives Aus as she shares some great advice for those hesitant to DIY. Based in Tasmania, Amanda started Interior Motives Aus as a stay at home mum wanting to get back into working. This was in three [...]


Are you looking to up your hosting game this year? Whether you’re planning a dinner party, family get together, or afternoon of drinks and canapes, these tips will help you do just that. As well as allowing you to thoroughly impress your guests, these handy hints will leave you with more time to enjoy your own event. We call [...]


If you’re like 96.32% of Australians, your beach towel will spend more time rolled up damp in the back of the car this summer than hanging on your clothesline. Its scent will more closely resemble that of the ocean than the powdery freshness of your laundry detergent, and its surface will cultivate an interesting collection of sand from various [...]


Here are some household jobs that seem never-ending. Laundry is one of them, and without doubt the least favourite - mainly because of the hours needed to sort, wash, fold, and iron all of my clothes. Today, we bust the top myths about laundry.Myth #1: The more detergent you use, the cleaner your clothesThis is simply not true! Not [...]


There’s an old saying - ‘first impressions last’ - and nothing could be truer when it comes to presenting your home for sale. The more desirable and appealing your home is to a buyer, the higher the sale price which is of course the ultimate goal. When it comes to styling your home for sale there are a couple [...]


Colour plays a central role in interior design. Not only does it influence our emotions, it can also transform a space. Colour can determine the atmosphere of a room, establish harmony within a space, affect our state of mind, camouflage design problems and accent an interior with personal style. Colours can also serve a functional purpose. [...]


As a recently released from rehab reformed shopaholic, I could wax endlessly on the joys and everlasting happiness of buying something new. Opening the box, bag or freight truck, filled with that new and unused 'fresh from the plastic bag' aroma. Then favouring the new towels or sheets over all the others you own, because [...]


Is your guest room blurring the boundaries between bedroom and storage space? Is it furnished with an 'interesting and eclectic' collection of hand-me-downs from the past 20 years? Is it an accidental exercise in hospital-room-chic; functional but cold and unwelcoming? If you answered yes to any of these, chances are it’s time for redesign. Here [...]


If you don't like to dig very deep, then a quilt cover is simply a cover for your quilt - like a washable pillow case for a pillow, or a screen protector for your smartphone. But here at Canningvale, we know that quilt covers are so much more than that - particularly as they come in [...]


The soft, sturdy, faithful bath towel. The average homeowner doesn't give their bath towels a lot of thought until it’s time to purchase new ones. Once the search is on, questions inevitably arise. How can you ensure that you’re choosing towels that will last? What differentiates  luxury bath towel sets from standard, run-of-the-mill bath towels? Before you go shopping, [...]