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Do you struggle to get out of bed when your alarm goes off on Monday morning, making vague grumblings about Mondayitis or lamenting the fact you always seem to be starting your week off on the wrong foot? If so, chances are you’re experiencing ‘social jetlag’, a phenomenon tied to the differences in sleep timing between our weekdays and weekends. [...]


Have you ever agonised over a piece of art, wondering if other people will respond well to it or whether it’s the right fit for your room? While it’s common to feel like you need a fine art degree or a certain number of hours clocked-up in museums and galleries to make good choices, this is simply not the [...]


Think milk’s the only thing in your home that has a use-by date? Get ready to adjust that belief as we take a look at when you should be replacing standard household items - and what happens if you don’t. Pillows Replace every two years Hygiene is the number one reason you should be replacing your pillows regularly. At the two year mark, [...]


Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “fashions fade, style is eternal.” As one of the world’s most successful fashion designers, it’s safe to say he knew what he was talking about. Here at Canningvale we’re big believers in this idea. We focus on our own unique style and the quality of our products rather than on short-lived fashion trends, so we [...]


Buying a new sofa is a big deal. Few pieces of furniture in our homes are used so often, serve so many purposes, or are on display to family, friends, and nosy neighbours at such regular intervals. All these factors - combined with the plethora of options on the market - make picking the right sofa a tricky decision. [...]


With the rise of the mass market and explosion of trend-based decorating, you can be forgiven for feeling a little jaded about the state of individuality in interior design. But are our spaces becoming more homogenous or does it just seem that way? The mass market Most people point to Ikea when talking about the advent of mass market homewares, so [...]


It’s no secret we love design here at Canningvale. We take every single one of our products from ideation through to completion, thinking carefully about look, feel, and function. To give you some insight into what goes on behind the scenes, we sat down with our Managing Director, Jordan, and picked his brains about the creation of our newest [...]


There’s nothing like a seasonal update to put a spring in your step around the home, whether it’s a new cushion combination on the sofa, updated wall art, or a few new sculptural pieces to display on the bookshelf. Having achieved serial-seasonal-update status long ago, we know the best way to keep your home fresh without doing an entire [...]


‘Natural and organic’ is one of the key design trends tipped to make an impact in 2018, filling our homes with gorgeous wood, handcrafted pieces, and abundant greenery. While a handcrafted oak dining table is a serious investment, updating your indoor and outdoor plants is an easy fix, requiring nothing more than a trip to the nursery and a little bit [...]


There are a lot of wonderful things about summer, but sand in the home isn’t one of them. The gritty residue of time at the beach has a way of making its way in to every nook and cranny, from the seams of the sofa to the grout of the bathroom tiles. This ability to implant itself into the [...]