Egyptian Royale Cotton Towels Collection

The Royale Collection is the collective result of 40 years of manufacturing and designing some of the world’s best towels.

About Our Egyptian Royale Collection

Every year, there is over 8 times the amount of Egyptian Cotton product sold than there is actual Egyptian Cotton yarn produced in that year worldwide. So, how do we know that the Egyptian Cotton Royale Collection is authentic?

We made it in Egypt, with certified Egyptian Cotton Yarn and a final step, official approval by the Egyptian Cotton Council of Egypt.


The handle of this new Royale collection is something that needs to be experienced, the extra long staple fibre combined with our state of the art bio-polishing techniques has delivered a plush and highly absorbent pile that delights 'every body' it comes into contact with.


Our colours, hand selected and rigorously tested for fading, were inspired by the Venetian palaces of an age long past.


Carrara White, derived from the world-famous marble hewn from the mountains of Carrara.

Caramello Gold, the most opulent fabrics of Venice contained actual rich gold threads.

Viola Purple, a colour of celebration and prosperity for the Venetian’s.

Carbone Grey, inspired by the majesty of San Marco Square and the colour of the very foundations upon which the Venetian city was built.

Cielo Blue, a reminder of the incredibly blue skies over Tuscany.

Verdura Green, inspired by the Sasso Fratino Forest greenery, east of Florence.

Porcini, inspired by the delicious wild mushrooms that grow throughout the country.


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