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5 easy storage hacks for the bathroom

5 easy storage hacks for the bathroom

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 9th Mar 2022

Finding the perfect place to store all of your bathroom items can be the most frustrating chore, and is, frankly, a total bore 🛁

That’s why we’ve compiled our top 5 storage hacks for the bathroom, to help turn a hellish room into a haven 🤗

1. Roll up towels and store them in a basket

If you’re a bit of a basket case when it comes to bathroom storage, we have a super-simple workaround.

Rather than searching for time-consuming ways to fold bath towels to save space or make an eye-catching display, our advice is don’t.

Simply roll up your towels and pop them in a storage basket. This space saver creates a 5-star spa look, which is perfect for when you want to make a small bathroom feel grand.

2. Storage hampers

If you live for a little organised chaos, then our kraft paper storage baskets are made for you. The perfect way to tuck away the things you love but can’t find the perfect place for, these cuties come in a range of different sizes as there is no storage problem too big or too small for them to tackle.

If you prefer a boho vibe, then Tribu might be the perfect match for your tribe.

3. Ladder shelving

A trick of the storage trade is to go vertical in small spaces.

Use ladders and ladder bookshelves to create shelving, and get creative by selecting a range of baskets and storage vessels that enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic.

4. Add hooks to store your towels and tools

Very simple to install, free-hanging hooks help you level up your storage game.

Make sure you select hooks that are strong enough to handle what you want to hang.

You can create a minimalist style, or you can get super creative and make patterns or shapes with your hook placement.

5. Use baskets for toiletries and store products in draws

Trays can help you compartmentalise your items. Try storing all items related to your nightly beauty routine, such as cleaners and face washers, in one tray, and have another tray for toothbrushes, and a separate one again to keep all your hair ties together.

Don’t forget to share your storage glory with us over @Canningvalelove as we can’t get enough of creative storage ideas.

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