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5 Easy Ways To Create A Cosy Bedroom This Winter

5 Easy Ways To Create A Cosy Bedroom This Winter

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 30th Jun 2022

As the days grow shorter (and colder!), our desire to rug ourselves up in all things warm and cosy grows exponentially. Creating a snug, inviting bedroom vibe is more important than ever, and at Canningvale, we like to take advantage of the cold weather to really layer up our beds to achieve that effortless, laid-back feel that magazines and our insta feeds are always flooded with once the cold snap hits.

For a start - make sure to change your quilt based on the season! Keeping the same quilt year round is a common mistake and we can’t even begin to express how much difference a winter quilt can make. Try swapping out your cotton quilt for something with a heavier infill, like a wool quilt or a luxury quilt. There are also some very affordable quilts out there that allow you to remove layers for summer and add them back on for winter. Genius.


Then, the easiest way by far to cosy up your space is by introducing coverlets, blankets and throws, which not only give that luxury look, but also - actually keep you warm!


So if you’re looking to up your cosiness factor this winter, read on for our top five hot tips to create a warm, inviting (and yes, LUXE) bedroom space.

1. Switch up your sheets

Switch out your cotton sheets for flanelette. Flanelette offers that soft, brushed finish that makes it impossible to get out of bed on frosty mornings. And if you’re worried about overheating, opt for just a flanelette fitted sheet and pillowcase set, you get all the snuggly benefits, without the flat sheet trapping in extra warmth.

For an extra cosy upgrade? Try bamboo cotton flannelette sheets - they’re a luxury game changer. Taking winter comfort to the next level, the bamboo/cotton blend offers an exquisitely soft feel and long-lasting wear. And if you really want to up the warmth factor - you can double down on flannelette with the matching flannelette quilt cover.

2. Boost your bedding

Adding a mattress topper or wool underlay to the bed also helps to layer your bed for winter cosiness. And, as mentioned above, ward off that cold weather by changing your quilt for the cooler months for heavy duty warmth.

3. Layer on warmth

Layering luxurious velvet cushions and adding throws to the bed will give you that feeling of snug you haven’t felt since you dragged all Mum’s good bedding into the lounge room to make a couch fort - but, with the added benefit of being oh so chic.

Coverlets and blankets are perfect for creating that luxe look and feel addictively warm through the colder months. They are also a great way to add texture to your room and can be folded and layered at the end of the bed so they’re easily accessible to pull up if you get cold in the night.

4. Pile on the pillows

Try adding Euros to your bed this winter, guaranteed to make staying in bed and reading all day extra appealing through the colder months. Or switch up your pillows to head snuggling styles like white duck or goose down and feather for a luxury hotel vibe.

5. Consider colour

Create your own warmth with “warm” tones and depth of colour. Layering up with textured neutrals like soft pinks and butter tones can create an understated, yet cosy feel that you won’t be able to resist snuggling up in. Alternatively, deep jewel tones like jade green, ruby or sapphire blue are perfect for winter and evoke a feeling of luxury and drama. Saturated jewel tones work especially well with textural accessories, like velvet cushions or a textured blanket.

How have you dressed your bed this winter? Share your style with us @Canningvalelove 

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