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6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring

6 Budget-Friendly Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 28th Aug 2023

As the winter chill starts to subside and the seasons start to turn, a good spring clean is often on the agenda. And while many of our homes are overdue for a good post-hibernation airing out (no shame here!), the idea of decluttering your post-winter space might not send shivers of excitement down your spine, we get it! But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be all about scrubbing and scouring.

Get ready to breathe fresh life into your home without losing your marbles (or your savings!) with our six best tips to refresh your home this spring.

1. Shuffle and Shimmy: Rearrange Your Space

Let’s talk the furniture foxtrot. You’ve danced with your space before, but this spring might just be the time to take on the tango with your space. A new season deserves a fresh perspective, and rearranging your furniture can bring exactly that. Try moving your cosiest armchair to where the sunlight spills, bring a new focal point to the room, or swap out your art or accessories from another room. Simply changing up the layout of your space can make the room feel fresh again - and will help shake off the cobwebs of winter.

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2. Colour Me Spring: Add a Pop of Life With Table Decor and Throws

Who’s up for a splash of colour? Spring is all about life coming back into full bloom, and your home doesn’t have to be any different. Those tablecloths aren’t just for catching crumbs, they’re a canvas for your new spring look, and our experts are predicting big things for sage this spring - our Cucina collection (in sage and linen!) has everything you need for a spring table refresh. In the bedroom or living space, throws and blankets are your cosy comrades, they’re like a warm hug that comes with a bonus side of colour pop! Try our Alpini or Alla Turca ranges for on-trend throws and blankets.

3. Sweet Dreams and Fresh Sheets: A Breath of Fresh Air for Allergy Season

Spring allergies can turn your daily routine into a sneezing symphony, and that’s not exactly the refresh we’re going for. But fear not, because we’ve got the ultimate spring refresh hack, especially for allergy sufferers. Fresh sheets and hypoallergenic bedding. Try our hypoallergenic pillows with a Beautysilks mulberry silk pillowcase. These champions are designed to be your allergy armour, fending off pesky dust mites, pollen and other allergens that love to camp out in your bedding.

And the bonus of fresh bedding? A whole new colour palette to play with. Imagine your bed decked out in serene shades that mirror the season outside, try our Alessia bamboo cotton sheets for a range of fresh hues ready to sweep you off your feet and into a blissful slumber. Bamboo is silky soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating - it’s a win/win/win/win!

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4. Illuminate Your World: Lighting Makeover

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Lights, camera, ambience! Spring evenings call for soft, relaxing lighting. Try to maximise natural light to take advantage of the longer days, and as the sun goes down, think about swapping out your bulbs (no, not the ones blooming in the garden) for softer, warm light options instead of harsh fluoros. Opt for lamps or candles instead of overheads and consider replacing lamp shades for an easy (and budget-friendly) way to change up the overall look of your space.

5. Towel Revival: Freshness Redefined

There’s nothing better than freshly washed, fluffy towels. You likely already do this regularly, but if you’ve been letting laundry pile up a bit, take this as a reminder to give all your towels the spa treatment with a full wash and refresh - we’re talking hand towels, bath mats, bath towels and washcloths, the whole kit and kaboodle.

And if your towel collection is looking a little motley, spring is the perfect time for a refresh. Some of our favourites include: Egyptian Royale for next-level luxury, Royal Splendour for decadent plushness, or Alessia cotton bamboo for an eco-friendly gentle touch. Upgrade to fresh spring shades - pastels, pinks or greens, and get the most out of them by having a colour co-ordinated display where you and your guests can see (and admire how design savvy you truly are).

6. Bring the Outdoors In: Indoor Plants and Flowers for the Win

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Spring is the perfect time to bring a touch of the outdoors in. Indoor plants and flowers aren’t just decorations, they bring life and freshness to any space. Adding greenery to your space has all sorts of benefits - they boost your immunity, reduce stress, help increase productivity, the list goes on. And there’s no wrong way to go about it either, whether you want to invest in a houseplant, a bouquet of fresh flowers, or a whole indoor jungle, embracing a touch of nature can only be beneficial.

With these wallet-friendly tips, your home will be bursting with springtime spirit faster than you can say "blooming marvelous"! Don’t forget to tag us in your makeover pics @canningvalelove #mycanningvale

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