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8 Towel Care Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them)

8 Towel Care Mistakes You’re Making (And How To Fix Them)

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 10th Aug 2023

We all love wrapping ourselves in a soft, fluffy towel after a refreshing shower. But are you unintentionally making towel care mistakes that are keeping your towels from reaching their full potential? Towels are like our trusty sidekicks, always there for us after a bath, a shower or a workout, and they get a workout themselves! Our towels are always on high rotation, making it incredibly worthwhile to learn proper care techniques to maintain their hygiene, softness, and longevity.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s explore seven of the most common towel care mistakes and the simple solutions to bring back the softness and freshness to your towel collection.

1. Adding too much detergent

Problem: Your towels have started feeling stiff and rough. Drying off after a shower feels more like a full-body exfoliation than a comfortable and cosy drying experience. You might be using too much detergent.

Solution: Opt for just ¼ cup of detergent and add some baking soda to the mix. The baking soda acts as a natural softener, leaving your towels delightfully soft and fluffy. Make sure to give each towel a good shake out when they come out of the wash, and for extra softness and fluff - machine drying is your BFF.

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2. Overloading your washing machine

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Problem: Your towels don’t seem as fresh and clean as they used to. This could be a side-effect of overcrowding your washing machine. We know, it’s tempting to wash all your towels at once, but overloading your washing machine prevents proper cleaning, which can lead to odours, build-up and towels that just don’t have the same special touch they used to.

Solution: Give your towels some breathing space by washing just a couple at a time. This ensures they have enough space to get thoroughly clean and fresh, and will also extend their life and usage.

3. Drying your towels in high heat

Problem: Notice that your towels are losing their softness and becoming rough? If you feel like you’re drying yourself off with sandpaper, this could be the effect of drying your towels on a high heat setting. High heat can damage the delicate fibres of your towels, leaving them less cosy and snuggly over time.

Solution: Opt for a gentler approach and dry your towels on a low heat setting. This way, they'll keep their fibres intact, ensuring they stay plush and huggable for much longer!

4. Not changing your towels

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Problem: Feel like your towels just aren’t lasting the way they should? Towels endure regular use, which will lead to wear and tear over time.

Solution: Extend the lifespan of your towels by having a second set in rotation. This way, each set gets ample time to rest and recover, resulting in longer-lasting towels and saving money in the long run.

5. Storing your towels before they’re dry

Problem: Mould or musty odours. It sounds like you could be stacking your towels away before they’re fully dry. Storing damp towels can create an ideal environment for mould growth, especially in humid climates.

Solution: Always ensure your towels are completely dry before storing them. Even after a machine dry, it can be worth hanging them up or using a drying rack to let them air dry fully, preventing any musty odours or mould.

6. Not washing your towels frequently

Problem: Damp towels become a breeding ground for germs if not washed frequently enough. Bathrooms are humid places and unless you have a heated towel rail or drying vent, your towels are probably not drying fully between uses.

Solution: If you don’t have heated towel rail or drying vent, aim to wash your towels every 3-4 days to maintain freshness and hygiene. Regular washing helps eliminate any bacteria and keeps your towels smelling clean.

7. Using fabric softeners

Problem: Your towels feel soft, but they’re just pushing water around and you can’t seem to get properly dry. Fabric softener could be the culprit!

Solution: Swap out fabric softener for a natural alternative. Try adding vinegar and baking soda to your wash cycle. This combination acts as a fantastic fabric conditioner, making your towels soft, absorbent, and chemical-free.

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8. Not washing your washing machine

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Problem: Sometimes, even after washing, your towels still have a funky smell. This could actually be a symptom of your washing machine needing a little TLC.

Solution: Give your washing machine a clean. Use white vinegar and run a cycle without any clothes to clean out any lingering odours and maintain a fresh-smelling machine.

By avoiding these common towel care mistakes and/or implementing a few easy solutions, you'll be on your way to enjoying luxuriously soft and fresh towels every time you need them. Remember, taking proper care of your towels not only enhances their performance but also extends their lifespan, saving you money in the long term. So go ahead and pamper yourself with the perfect towel experience.

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