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Caring for your towels

Caring for your towels

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 20th Sep 2021

Looking to keep your bathing beauties in tip top shape? Here’s how 

1. Wash before use

As much work as we put into keeping our textiles safe and gentle on your skin, we still recommend you wash your new towels before use so they can start loving you right at first sight 

2. Don't get too hot and heavy

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We prefer an eco-friendly approach, so recommend a cold wash 

Towels prefer a gentler touch. Higher temperatures can cause shrinkage and fading, so make your love burn bright by keeping things cool 

3. Change things up

They say you should try new things to keep the relationship alive, and we couldn’t agree more 

Once per month, mix things up. Add 1 cup of plain white vinegar (or diluted with water for a top loader) to the rinse or wash cycle for softer, fresher towels 

4. Throw your towels a little shade

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Air drying your towels is the best thing under the sun 

Tumble drying isn’t eco-friendly, so should be avoided 

It’s best to let your towels dry naturally in the shade, since direct sunlight can cause them to fade 

5. Hot tips

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- If your towels get a little too close to bleach for comfort, rinse the affected spot immediately with cold water, then wash 

- Don’t use fabric softeners. If you’re towels are quality they’ll be soft enough, and fabric softeners will make your lovelies far less absorbent 

- Ensure your towels are 100% dry before storing 

6. Add a little something extra...

Love the smell of lavender or fresh flowers? Store your towels with a scented sachet, or spritz them with a scented mist, to get that 5-star spa vibe at home 

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