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Best Sheets to Keep You Cool All Night

Best Sheets to Keep You Cool All Night

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 23rd Dec 2021

Struggling to keep your cool as things start to heat up at night? 😎 🔥

Don't sweat it – we've got you covered with our cheat sheet of cooling sheets 🧊 that will help you wake up feeling restful, restored ☺

Organic cotton

Sofi Organic is a little bit magic 🔮

Smooth, gentle and kind to your skin, this beauty is just as good to your skin as it is to the earth 🌏

An eco-warrior with heart, organic cotton is grown without the use of harsh pesticides. It also gives you plenty of breathing room at night by regulating the air flow and adding a layer of protection from the heat 🛡 🔥


Bamboo keeps things cool and light at night, making these babies perfect for some sweet summer lovin' that lasts all year round. Best of all, bamboo is also an eco-warrior and loves the earth as much as you love your home 🌏 🏠

Our Lustro 100% Bamboo collection is one of our shining stars ✨ Destined to be your one and only, these stunners are silky-smooth and LOVE cuddling up with you at night. Moisture wicking and odour resistant, they will fufil your every need, especially if you run hot at night.

Our Alessia Bamboo-Cotton collection will keep you cool, calm and collected. Combining the best of bamboo and cotton, these natural fibres work to regulate your temperature and will be the best thing you've ever have wrapped around you.


Our Sogno Collection is buttery soft with a whipped cream texture, you'll be sweet on these sheets in no time 🍬

Treating you to the best of Belgian Linen and Cotton, these natural beauties are the perfect year-round companion since they regulate your temperature. You'll be kept cool in summer and comfortable in winter 🤗

Classic Cotton

Love classic good looks paired with the strong silent type who'll just gets the job done?

Then cotton is your match 🥰

Durable, breathable and keeping your body feeling great all night long, cotton helps you sink into deep dreams so you wake up totally refreshed.

We recommend our Vintage Softwash Bedding. 100% cotton, these cuties have a stylish vintage finish and keep you comfortable all night long.

Found your perfect summer love? We love being invited over, so be sure to share with us how you've styled these lovelies in your home @Canningvalelove

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