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Is There a Difference Between Beach Towels and Bath Towels? Our Experts Weigh In

Is There a Difference Between Beach Towels and Bath Towels? Our Experts Weigh In

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 18th Dec 2023

Whether you’re gearing up for a day at the beach or unwinding in the shower after a long week, reaching for the right towel is almost second nature. We’ve all got our designated towels - beach towels for the sand and surf, bath towels for the bathroom. But have you ever wondered, in the grand tapestry of toweldom, what sets them apart? Is it a necessity, or just a clever marketing ploy, leading to a towel takeover in our linen cupboards?

Well, let’s do a deep dive (pun intended) and unravel the towel mystery. What actually is the difference between a beach towel and bath towel, and does it even matter? Spoiler alert: it might just change your towel game forever.


What is the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel?

Sandy shores or a steamy shower. The setting matters, and so does your choice of towel. But why? Let’s break it down.

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Dimensions Decoded: Size

Size matters - at least when it comes to towels. Beach towels flaunt their wider and longer dimensions, this extra width and length provides plenty of towel to wrap around your waist as you walk the shore or protect your car seats as you drive home. On the flip side, bath towels embrace a more compact form, perfect for drying off after a relaxing bath or shower.

Drying Dynamics: Dry time and thickness

According to our Head of Product, Sharon, “Both beach towels and bath towels are made from terry towelling cotton to feel soft and soak up water so you dry quickly, but they are designed for different environments.” The beach towel, with its thinner build and shorter loops, is the sprinter of the towel world, drying out swiftly under the sun, its lighter weight makes it easier to pack, and shorter loops ensure no snags or catches. Bath towels, on the other hand, take their time, basking in the luxury of a higher GSM count for that indulgent post-shower experience.

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The Look: Aesthetics

From playful patterns to coordinated hues, beach towels and bath towels showcase distinct aesthetics. Beach towels are the flamboyant peacocks, with vibrant patterns and cheerful designs, making them easier to spot on a crowded beach! “The yarn used in beach towels is dyed prior to weaving (not piece dyed like bath towels) hence the term yarn-dyed. This prevents the colours from fading with use (especially with chlorine and saltwater) and gives a strong and vibrant colour finish. Often the front of a towel can be veloured (like Sorrentina) while the back is looped for absorbency. The velour face ensures vibrant colour and is soft for laying on. It also makes it easier to shake the sand off,” Sharon adds. 

Bath towels, the sophisticated swans, are more likely to boast uniform colours to complement your bathroom's decor. But, remember this is up to individual taste. For instance, “Positana looks equally as pretty and functional at the beach/pool or in your bathroom, but may not give that heavy, luxury dry that most people appreciate in the bathroom but it will still dry you and the towel will dry out quickly,” Sharon assures us!

Towel Toughess and Touch: Texture and Durability

Feel matters too. Beach towels often feature a velour front - soft and sand-resistant for your beach lounging pleasure. Meanwhile, bath towels are crafted for daily use, emphasising durability and the plush touch against your skin.

Can you use the same towel for the beach and bath?

Now, the million-dollar question. Is it a towel faux pas to swap beach and bath towels interchangeably?

The verdict: not at all! In the world of towels, versatility is key and it all comes down to personal choice. Towels like Positana are the trailblazers, effortlessly transitioning from beach escapades to bathroom bliss, proving that in toweldom, rules are meant to be bent, if not broken. Happy drying!

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