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Gift cards: the smart gift that’s full of heart

Gift cards: the smart gift that’s full of heart

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 25th Nov 2021

Think gift cards are impersonal and the last resort of your neighbourhood grinches who couldn’t just be bothered thinking about what would make you smile on Christmas morning? 💳

Think again 😉

We have good reasons for loving the card when holiday shopping has become all too hard, and we’re here to tell you why...

The gift of freedom...

To be honest, more Christmas gifts miss the mark than hit a bullseye 🎯

When you give a gift card, you’re letting those you love be free to choose something that will make them happy this means your gift is extremely personalised, and will be far more valued than a jumper that will be worn once on Christmas morning then exiled the the back of the closet (or the graveyard of unloved items) 🎄

📸 @renovating_no.52 featuring our Beautysilks range

The gift of excitement...

📸 @sarahdehays featuring our Sateen bedding

The choices available to those lucky enough to get a gift card on Christmas morning mean there is an added level of excitement 🤶

Really, you’re giving two gifts in one

The gift they receive when they unwrap your present and the other when they make their final selection 🎁


The gift of shopping...

If you have someone in your life who lives to shop, it’s really the only sensible gift 🛍



The gift of sleep…

The gift of a good night’s sleep really is priceless 😴

But everyone has a different flavour to get drifting off to sweet dreams, so choosing for your loved ones, from fabric to design, can be tricky 🍭

A Canningvale gift card helps show them you’re thinking of them with a pamper package to get well rested while still empowering them to pick what works best for them 😊

They have the option of silk if they’re a bit of a beauty queen 👸

Organic cotton if they’re an eco-warrior 🌱🛡

Egyptian cotton if they love to be spoiled like a royal 👑And even Sateen sheets if they like a soft and silky touch ☁

The gift that keeps on giving…

It’s a gift for you too 🤩

You can easily stay on budget, it’s easy to wrap and present beautifully, and you can get multiple gifts without ever leaving the house 🧝



How have you wrapped your gift cards? Share them with us @Canningvalelove

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