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How to Create the Cosiest Bed Ever

How to Create the Cosiest Bed Ever

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 12th Feb 2024

Prepare yourself for a bedding revolution, because we’re about to spill the secrets to transforming your bed into the cosiest sanctuary ever. Say goodbye to mediocre sleep and hello to a realm of warmth and comfort. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide on how to uncover the secret to your cosiest bed yet.

1. The Foundation: Mattress Topper Magic

Building the perfect sleep haven starts from the ground up, and that means investing in a quality mattress topper. A mattress topper sits on top of your mattress, adding an extra layer of comfort and making it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. This unsung hero also adds an extra layer of insulation, providing not only enhanced comfort but also a snug haven for your tired body.

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2. Sheets for All Sleepers

Whether you’re a cold sleeper yearning for warmth or a hot sleeper seeking cool comfort, the key is in the sheets. For those who always feel like winter is coming, look no further than CoziCotton Flannelette sheets and quilt covers. Crafted for the ultimate cuddle experience, flannelette is a cold sleeper’s dream, brushed to create a soft texture that holds in the warmth. Dive into the extra insulated snug softness and leave the chill outside where it belongs.

On the flip side, hot sleepers, embrace the art of layering with Vintage Softwash sheets. Pure cotton, percale weave ensures breathability, and their crisp and lightweight texture keeps you cool, yet snug, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep without overheating.

3. Layers, Layers, Layers

For cold sleepers, layers are your winter BFF. The more, the merrier (and warmer!). Begin with your CoziCotton sheets and quilt cover and a heavier-weight winter quilt for that soft touch. Then, let the layering extravaganza begin! Add extra blankets or coverlets as needed. The result? A cocoon of warmth where you’re in control. And if you’re still feeling chilly? Just keep piling on the layers until you reach the optimal level of cosy bliss.

For hot sleepers - this is a game-changer. Embrace the beauty of layers not just for style, but for ultimate control over your sleep climate. You can mix and match layers to create the perfect combination, and if you start feeling the heat, kick off a layer or two, it’s like having a customisable thermostat for your bed.

4. Quilt Revolution: Oca Feather & Down Quilt

Who said changing quilts with the seasons is just a myth? Our recommendation when the mercury starts to drop - the Oca White Goose Feather & Down Quilts - a game-changer in the world of bedding. Swap out your quilt between seasons for optimal comfort.

5. Pillow Piles: Because More is More

Pillows are not just for show - they’re for creating a luxurious nest of comfort. Heap them up, mix and match sizes, and experiment with different textures in pillowcases and cushions. Your pillow pile isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s your ticket to a comfier night’s sleep.

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6. Candlelit Cosiness: Set the Mood

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For an extra layer of cosiness, add candles to your bedroom routine. The glow of a candle evokes the feeling of an open fire, the epitome of cosy vibes. Cosiness isn’t just about what you feel, it’s about what you smell and see. Choose a warm, wintery scent to truly transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort.


Now that you’ve uncovered the secret to your cosiest bed yet, dive in and experience the luxury of bedtime like never before.

Now that you’ve uncovered the secret to your cosiest bed yet, dive in and experience the luxury of bedtime like never before.

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