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Loved by: @alexandranation

Loved by: @alexandranation

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 12th Jan 2022

Searching for some cute loot for a little love that’s stolen your heart? 🍼 💖

We asked one of our fave influencers, @alexandranation, to share her secrets to building the perfect nursery.

For friends and family looking to pick the perfect gift, what are your top 5 essentials for new mums?

‘The top 5 gifts I appreciated the most when I was expecting Maxwell were:

  • Bassinet, cot sheets and mattress protectors
  • Baby face washers (or as we call them in our household, spew rags 😛)
  • Maternity and breast pads (send by the truckload please!)
  • Storage baskets (they make storage less of a chore! It’s so easy to pick up baby items and neatly stack them away)
  • And I got a really funky sterilizer which I LOVE and has been so super handy!’

📸  by @alexandranation featuring our Storage Baskets

How do you go about styling your nursery for a little one you haven’t met yet?

📸  by @alexandranation featuring our Heirloom Blanket

‘Styling the nursery was an incredibly special time for me, as I never got the chance to do this with my first baby, Elijah.

Creating a beautiful space for Maxwell was actually super emotional for me. We live in rural Victoria, so I wanted the space to have a country vibe; I captured this with earthy and near-neutral tones, as well as native floral and animal art. I wanted the space to have a beautiful sense of peace and calm, as that is what living in the countryside has brought me.’

What’s one baby product you can’t live without?

‘Right now, it’s a comforter. Maxwell will not sleep without his Bimbi Elephant comforter, which we have affectionately named Eddie.’

What attracted you to our Bimbi range?

‘The beautiful fabrics and gorgeous woodland creatures.’

Why are gender neutrals important to you?

‘I think gender neutrals are important because a child will less likely be influenced by culturally enforced gender stereotypes in the future!’

No matter whether you’re a first-time bubba mumma, or a friend looking for a perfect gift that’s (almost) as cute as your bestie’s new little one, our Bimbi range is for you. Don’t forget to share your nursery styling with us @Canningvalelove

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