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Loved By: @justanothermannequin

Loved By: @justanothermannequin

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 3rd Jun 2022

Alla Turca brings a little Turkish delight into your life ✨

We asked the amazing @justanothermannequin to share some tips and tricks on creating the perfect Turkish escape (without ever leaving the house 🤩).

What inspires your home decor? Are you drawn to a specific style?

My home is my happy place so I love keeping it calm with a mostly minimal style! However I also inject coastal elements and a touch of boho to appeal to my love of the beach, travel and nature.

I like to invest in furniture and big ticket items that will last season after season, while getting more playful with things like linen, cushions and decor that I can swap out and mix up!

How do you incorporate your own style into your home?

My personal style is all in the details! Luxe linens combined with raw furnishings and a soft, light colour palette all come together to express my coastal roots. I also love using art, handpicked decor and accessories to express who I am throughout the home.

What’s your favourite room at home?

At the moment it’s my bedroom! We are currently in the process of renovating and it is one of the few rooms that is close to complete. It’s such a calm space that I can go to retreat at the end of a long day.

Do you have any tips on mixing and matching bed linen?

Pick one colour or pattern to be the feature and build around it! Use other decor like cushions, throws or artwork to tie everything together and keep it all consistent.

What drew you to Alla Turca?

I absolutely love the texture as it compliments the breezy, coastal elements of my space perfectly. While it’s nice and light it’s also undeniably soft and plush!

How do you style Alla Turca differently in the bedroom (the throw blanket and European Pillowcases) vs. the living room (the traditional throw)?

I actually keep it pretty consistent, whether it’s thrown over the end of the couch or the bed, I love that it can easily go between spaces!

Does the Alla Turca robe feel as sweet as it looks? Can you describe the texture?

Oh it’s even better that I imagined! While it’s nice and light to throw on during a sun drenched morning, it’s made from 100% cotton which is triple layered, so it still feels cosy!

What are some secrets to styling throws?

I like to style mine off-centre and keep it really undone, so it looks like it can be picked up and snuggled under at any moment (which I do often!). It’s a great way to add a homely element to your space and soften the room!

What mood does Alla Turca set and why have you fallen in love with it?

The Alla Turca collection is breezy, effortless and the epitome of luxury. I love that it appeals to the minimal core of my home and can be transported between spaces season after season!

Don’t forget to share your styling secrets with us @Canningvalelove

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