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Loved by: @stylish_needs

Loved by: @stylish_needs

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 12th Apr 2022

If you’re wondering why mastering coastal interior design makes their stylists so boastful, we’re here to show you just how to capture this easy-breezy look.

We asked stylist and influencer, Gemma Needs, to share her tips and tricks on creating a coastal oasis at home.

1. What’s your favourite part of decorating in a coastal theme?

‘I love that Coastal styling can be such a wide array of different textures, tones and elements. For me, neutral tones are a must have with coastal styling but you can really play with textures and elements. I use timber a lot in my design and there are many different types of timber grains, colours and styles, so I love that you can mix and match and it still feels really earthy and brings in the coastal feel.’

2. What seaside elements and colours have you brought into your home?

‘Naturals, Naturals, and more Naturals! The tones used in my house are calming and peaceful; think whites, creams, light greys, and small pops of colour. I use different types of timber to create dimension within a space, and you will find small hints of light blue, sage green, and sand to reflect the coastal shoreline.’

3. What moods does coastal interior design set in different rooms?

‘The mood of coastal styling can be whatever you want it to be that's the best thing about styling in general, no matter the vibe you're going for. For me, I love the feeling I get when I'm near the ocean; it’s calming, peaceful, and leaves you feeling relaxed. That’s the vibe I wanted to create when styling the house, so that when people are in my home they feel at peace and welcomed.’

4. Any styling tips and tricks?

‘There is no one style fits all, everyone is an individual and that's the best thing about styling a home make it yours! Styles and trends come and go, so invest in quality pieces that you know you will enjoy for a long time. The best thing about design is that once you have a solid foundation, the styling of that piece can alter. For example, invest in a decent sofa. You can always change up the cushions and throws depending on what mood you're in.

Never get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Home styling is a very personal thing, so make your home yours.’

5. Do you have a favourite room?

‘I love our home’s open plan kitchen, living room and dining space; it’s open and bright, with huge windows that are north facing, so it captures epic sunsets every night. All in all, I just love how the house makes me feel and that it is a reflection of my personality.’

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