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How To Pick The Perfect Beach Towel

How To Pick The Perfect Beach Towel

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 12th Nov 2022

Looking for a colourful personality to hang with at the beach? We’re here to set you up with the perfect beach towel.

Each range is crafted with a specific purpose in mind, so you can find your perfect match to make beach trips and poolside days more enjoyable.


New to Canningvale this year is super stylish Positana – all fringed and fancy and ready for summer fun. Absorbent and soft, featuring terry cotton front and reverse with self-fringes at either end of the towel, these towels are as suitable for the bathroom as they are for the beach. Channel a vacay vibe at home year-round with Positana’s punchy striped and checked designs. Consider it your beach fashion investment piece of the season.

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

  • Love to make a (fashion) statement
  • Are a laid-back beach lover

Also available: Positana beach blankets.


For those who love a traditional, cabana stripe design, our Cabana towel is an affordable, everyday classic. A good mid-weight towel to dry you fast. Great for families so everyone can choose their own colour.

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

  • Understand all the hype for stripes
  • Like a 5-star spa treatment, since these beauties offer a super-soft touch
  • Are searching for timeless, classic good looks and charm


The quintessential beach towel, featuring a velour front for comfortable sunbathing and repelling sand. The reverse features terry loops for efficient drying. Sorrentina is available in 11 vibrant designs and is perfect for mixing and matching. 

Sorrentina makes for a great gift any time of the year. It is a good substantial weighted beach towel that will last for many summers to come. 

You’ll be a perfect match if you: 

  • Have a colourful personality
  • Want the sand to stay by the shore (the velour side is sand-resistant)
  • Fancy a little indulgence, since the velour side offers a silky-soft touch, while the terry cotton side will dry you off quicker than a 30-degree day

📸by @aimee_bell featuring Sorrentina Velour Beach Towel - Sun Stripe

Salentina Sand-free

Your go-to for a lightweight, easy-to-carry and fast-drying towel. Salentina makes the perfect towel for school swimming days, camping trips and beach days. Its waffle weave design makes it sand resistant, and they are big enough to lie out on the beach and wrap yourself in, without taking up all the room in your bag.  

You’ll be a perfect match if you: 

  • Like to cause a stir on the beach, since these beauties come in fun designs
  • Are an eco-warrior destined to save the planet while sitting on the shore (made from recycled plastic bottles, this message in a bottle is as environmentally friendly as it comes!)
  • Love a double beach date, since these beauties also come in Beach Blankets designed for two

Portofino Beach Blankets

New to Canningvale this season is another ideal-for-travel towel in more of a traditional style. In a large 150cm x 150cm size these multipurpose beach blankets are great for the beach, picnics, and doubles as a sarong or throw for your outdoor furniture.  

We also have the Portofino Beach Bag in a wet waxed canvas to repel sand and water.

You’ll be a perfect match if you:

  • Love a summer road trip
  • Are looking for a Mary Poppins-esque carry-all

📸by @aimeebelll featuring Portofino Beach Blanket - French Stripe


📸by @sunkissedwildflowers featuring Capresi Kids' Hooded Beach Towel - Whale

One for the kids, our Capresi towels are lightweight to encourage kids to carry their own towel to the beach. Made from soft, combed cotton with a printed velour front for comfort and repelling sand. The absorbent terry reverse is for drying off and keeping them warm. 

Choose from 4 cute designs. Also available in a quick-drying, lightweight hooded designs, so kids aren’t sitting around freezing in a soaking towel.

 You’ll be a perfect match if you:

  •  Want to keep your child snuggly warm when they dry off from the sand and sea
  • Love a super-soft way to wrap your little rascal up and bundle them effortlessly back into the car at home time
  • Want the sand to stay by the sea, and out of your kid’s hair, your car, and your home

Got questions on towels? Be sure to ask us over @Canningvalelove

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