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Popular Bed Linen Fabrics Explained

Popular Bed Linen Fabrics Explained

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 23rd Dec 2021

Let's face it, finding the perfect bedfellow can be a little bit... complicated 🙃

Since there's no Tinder to match us with our dream bedding, we've broken down the perks to help you find 😘


Organic cotton is a little bit magic 🔮

  • It loves the planet as much as you love your home 🌏
  • It’s grown without the use of toxic pesticides to help protect the environment
  • It keeps you cool at night by providing plenty of breathing room
  • The benefits? You’ll sleep better at night knowing that what you’re putting against your skin hasn’t cost the earth
  • A match for: The eco-warrior those who run a little hot at night
  • Try our Sofi Organic Cotton Bedding 

Egyptian cotton

  • The king – and queen – of cottons 👑
  • Egyptian cotton has extra-long fibres, meaning they create stronger and more durable fibres
  • The benefits? Since they have fewer fibre ends poking out of the fabric’s surface, they’re also softer against your skin (see diagram).
  • A match for: those who love to be spoiled like a royal.
  • Try our Egyptian Royale Bedding 

Cotton Percale 

  • It's a criss-cross weave with one thread over, one thread under (see diagram)
  • The benefits? It's durable and will keep you cool in summer and comfy through the winter nights
  • A match for: those who like a bit of texture, run a bit hot, and need plenty of breathing room
  • Try our Vintage Softwash Bedding

📸 by featuring our Sateen bedding


  • Woven with four threads over, one thread under (see diagram below)
  • The benefits? The weave makes for a silky fabric with a glossier sheen
  • A match for: those who like a silky-soft touch
  • Try our Sateen bedding





  • Buttery soft with a whipped cream texture, you'll be sweet on these sheets in no time 🍬
  • The benefits? These natural beauties are the perfect year-round companion since they regulate your temperature, no matter the weather
  • A match for: those who like a more textured feel and are searching for a long-term commitment
  • Try our Sogno Linen-Cotton Bedding



  • Flannelette uses a technique called ‘brushing’ to create super-soft and fluffy bedding
  • The benefits? These seasonale beauties are the perfect winter fling to keep you toasty warm all night long
  • A match for: Those looking for a little extra heat in the sheets during winter. Since they're so fluufy, kids loves them too
  • Try our Cozi-Cotton Bedding



  • Polyester is durable, and helps make your relationship with your sheets a long-term commitment
  • The benefits? Poly and Cotton hybrids bring you the best of both worlds. Since poly strengthens cotton, you get the natural and temperature regulating benefits of cotton with a poly reverse side - meaning your sheets will last longer
  • A match for: those looking for a sturdy, dependable relationship
  • Try our 1000TC Palazzo Royale Bedding

Found your perfect match? We love being invited over, so be sure to share with us how you've styled these lovelies in your home @Canningvalelove

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