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Trends with Benefits: How To Style Patterns

Trends with Benefits: How To Style Patterns

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 11th Aug 2022

Is trying to stay on trend enough to send you round the bend?

Well this is one problem we’re able to mend. We’ve broken down the latest interior design trends and are here to help you style your home like a pro.

A lecture on texture

Adding texture to a space can bring your home to life 🌱 Not only does it level up the visual interest of a space, it adds depth and tone to a room; and since we all love a relationship with plenty of depth, our relationship with our home shouldn’t be any different.

Remember to style your bedroom and living area with textural cushions and throws. Adding European pillows to your bed and adding the old ‘karate chop’ technique to the top will also add weight and dimension to the space.

If you’re looking for more texture in the bathroom, check out our Onde Towel Sets with a visually striking wave pattern, these beauties create a ripple of excitement in any space. Or if you have a sweet tooth, check out our Alessia Towel Sets that are jam-packed full of textural beauty.

Adding plants and natural textures and materials to a space as flourishes is another easy and on-trend way to decorate your home.

How to style patterns

We all know that pattern matters, and finding the right fit for your home can help you feel like you’re getting your life together, even when everything else is a bit chaotic.

Whether you dream of creating some drama, or prefer peaceful vibes inside your home, there are some tricks to styling clashing patterns to get the right combo for you.

  1. Stick to one theme. You may be blending clashing patterns but they still need to harmonise to form the perfect duet. You do this by sticking to a specific colour palette or picking all geometric shapes or floral textiles.
  2. Select shades on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Think orange and blue, yellow and blue, purple and green or pink and green.
  3. Stripes and gingham work with everything. No joke, the hype for stripes is real and creates effortless-looking and seamless decor.
  4. Be playful. Having fun and picking patterns you love is key!
  5. If you love maximalism in loud prints, try minimalism with the rest of your decor. If you have a bit of visual overload with your quilt cover and wallpaper, try pair back the rug and accessories. It’s always a work in progress to find how best to shape the space, but playing with these polar opposites will help you find the right balance.

Some things are always on trend

You always need a little black dress hanging in your closet; so if you’re obsessed with a perfectly dressed bed, it pays to keep a few staples around the house. Our Vintage Softwash Bedding is 100% cotton meaning it’s breathable and temperature regulating to suit any time of year.

Investing in some neutral-coloured bedding that has year-round appeal will ensure your space never goes out of style.

Sanctuary vibes

Channeling as many peaceful and serene vibes as we can into our homes is a great way to navigate 2022.

The good thing about this is that no matter your style, there is a way to keep it on trend.

  • Love minimalism? The decluttering simplicity of this aesthetic can also declutter your mind and help you feel more balanced when you’re at home.
  • Are you more of boho babe? Then the free-spirit stylings of boho decor can help you feel carefree when you’re at home.
  • A bit of a beauty queen? Lavishing your bedroom in opulent style can not only spoil you like a royal, it can lift your mindset so you feel like the king or queen you are when you’re hanging around your palace.

We like to think of our linen as wellbeing bedding, since the better we sleep, the better we feel during the day.

What trend have you fallen hard for? Be sure to share your styling tips with us @Canningvalelove 

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