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Venus vs Mars: the battle between hot and cold sleepers

Venus vs Mars: the battle between hot and cold sleepers

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 2nd Jun 2022

If you’re looking for a little more love in your sheets, and a little less war, here’s how you can get Venus and Mars to stop running hot and cold and ruining the mood in bed 🤗

Learn the art of layering

Let’s take a cold hard look at ways to keep the goddess of love 💖 and the god of war 🔱 satisfied between the sheets.

1. Your mattress matters, so choose a breathable foundation for your relationship to keep it healthy. Since your body heat starts warming things up from the moment you jump into bed, choosing a breathable mattress like memory foam allows for greater air circulation to regulate your core temperature.

2. It’s worth investing in a mattress protector. Not only do they guard your mattress from sweat and other nasties, they also add a breathable lining to your bed that keeps airflow consistent

3. If you want comfort from top to toe, consider adding a mattress topper. Breathable and comfortable, they also add another layer of insulation for winter warmth.

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4. If you’re burning up while your partner is cool, calm and collected, you need to meet somewhere in the middle of the layering process. To create a dream bed for you both, try flannelette sheets. Made from brushed cotton, they trap air and body heat while supporting airflow so your skin can breathe – meaning they’ll keep you toasty warm, but you won’t wake up hot and sweaty.

5. If one of you is still smoking hot, choose a wool or microfibre quilt. These will keep you warm but they are still lightweight enough to regulate the flow of warm air rather than trapping it.

6. If one of you is significantly hotter than the other in bed, chances are that one kicks the blankets off at night, leaving the other one ready for war. A simple solution is to add blankets to one side of the bed for the cold sleeper. It’ll also add a slight barrier so your body heat is restricted to your own domain.

They say all is fair in love and war, but no-one wants love to turn cold in bed – so make sure you get the balance right with each layer. What does your bed look like after the Venus vs Mars layering technique? Be a social media butterfly and share it with us @Canningvalelove

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