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Waffle Border Bath towel: advanced textile, hidden technology, ancient geometry

Posted by A Historian on

Who would have thought that a geometric pattern found in nature could be so vital to humankind?

For almost 3,000 years humans have looked to the natural hexagonal honeycomb structure to be harnessed as a tool; Greek mathematicians were the first to realise the hexagon shape could be used as an efficient means to build objects and materials.

The hexagon in nature

The name taken from the bee’s honeycomb - a hexagonal sheet structure - is not only found in the hive but also in the natural weathering of rocks, the internal organs of many animals and even in our bones; the honeycomb is really programmed into the DNA of mother nature.

The manmade hexagon

From the dawn of civilisation, humans have looked to the hexagon as an ideal shape on which to build; it was used by the Romans to build vast complex structures and domes and you even can even find examples of the honeycomb structure in the walls of the Pantheon.

So how far has the honeycomb come? Even during the 20th century, scientists looked to the hexagon in the research and development of new technology such as fibreglass and advanced composite materials. Among the numerous scientific and engineering applications, the hexagon has been used in aeronautics: honeycomb mesh is the preferred aerodynamic material to reduce wind turbulence. Used on rockets, the honeycomb has even helped launch us into space!

Canningvale Waffle Border Towel

Canningvale’s revolutionary Waffle border towel’s fabric is woven using this geometric phenomenon to produce a luxurious bathroom product. Our master weavers have combined two of the fastest drying towel textured finishes for the ultimate drying machine, the cotton terry boucle weave and the wide waffle fabric used in the feature border and hem. The waffle woven portion is a superior loom-woven textile which allows air to flow through the towel so it dries quickly, plus the clever boucle weave fabric in the body of the towel offers advanced absorbency and reduced pile snags. Another bonus of the waffle weave is the honeycomb structure is very strong, providing a lightweight fabric that is extremely tough and durable.

Waffle Border Bath Towel Canningvale

This means when you pick up our honeycomb and boucle woven towel, moisture is drawn more efficiently from the skin and hair. The super absorbent material which is woven from ultra-fine cotton fibres dries you quicker and, because of the tiny micro hexagonal layers which make up the textile, moisture evaporates at a faster rate. It's gentle on the skin too. Treat yourself to the most advanced natural design.

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