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Why men should wear PJs

Why men should wear PJs

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 15th Feb 2022

Are you, or a man you know, ready to go under the covers as a gangster?

Or is the scene you’re seeking one where you’re rocking sleepwear so cool that it can double as a boxing robe?

No matter your taste, there are more than a few perks to men wearing PJs and we’re here to show you that they’re the great love you’ve been longing for 💖

Rock the boxing robe

For the man who wants to feel every-bit the boxing star, the right robe can make his dreams come true – even when he’s not asleep.

Our Alessia Bamboo-Cotton Robe is tailored to meet all your needs. With a modern, minimalist look, the natural fabric really packs a punch as it’s silky-smooth texture is as cool and light as you’ll feel when you’re wearing it.


Fit for a king

For a king who loves reigning over his palace, our Lusso Cotton Terry Robes will help you keep court in style. Decadanantly plush on the skin, these heartthrobs have a classic design that never goes out of style. They also have hip pockets for all your snacks to help you rule from bed.

Perfect for some sweet summer lovin’

Think the weather is too hot for PJs?

Think again. Waking up with our Alessia Bamboo-cotton Short Set will have you feeling super cool, calm and collected, since the natural material is ultra breathable, moisture wicking and regulates your temperature. PJs are also more hygienic than sleeping solo, and you AND your partner will love the silky-soft texture 😉

Gangsta vibes

Dapper and smart, long PJs are the dreamer’s suit (so perfect if you’re looking for some comfy working from home gear). These bad boys have the power to transport you to a different era, so are perfect for men who love to star in their own gangsta-style dreams.

Our Bamboo-cotton Men’s Pyjama Pant Set has a relaxed style and flowing silhouette – for when you don’t want to sleep tight and prefer some freedom to move. They’ll have you feeling mighty fine and as an added bonus, they’re silky-smooth and keep you feeling crisp and cool all night long.

Helps you get some good zzzzz

The ritual of putting on PJs helps your mind settle and call it a day, which let’s your body know it’s time for sweet dreams 😴 🛌

Save money on curtains

Never again will you have that awkward dash to catch the postie when the doorbell sounds!

Are you ready to get into bed with PJs? Don’t forget to show us your style @Canningvalelove

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