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Why You Should Upsize Your Quilts & Quilt Covers

Why You Should Upsize Your Quilts & Quilt Covers

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 2nd Jan 2024

Ever wondered how professional stylists get that extra plush look on their beds? Using an oversized quilt and quilt cover adds that decadent drape fit for a king (or queen!). Fancy hotels also often use this technique to create a feeling of indulgence.

An easy rule of thumb is to buy a quilt and quilt cover at least one size bigger than your bed.

So, if you’re snoozing on a single, use a double quilt, and if you’ve doubled down on bed size, cover it with a queen. If a queen is your bed of choice, upgrade your quilt to a king or super king and if you’ve gone all out on the king size bed of your dreams, a super king quilt has you (extra) covered!

📸by @hausandvogue featuring Lana washable all seasons wool quilt

Super king quilt covers are becoming an increasingly popular choice in Australia and for good reason. If you are wanting to treat yourself with the ultimate in bedroom comfort and style and with Canningvale’s expansive range, you don’t need to skimp on style to go the extra mile!

The oversized quilt look is perfect for so many aesthetics, whether you’re aiming for super luxe, relaxed boho or OTT maximalist.

But if you do lean more towards a minimalist, contemporary style, there is always the option to stick to the same size quilt as your bed and show off your bed-making skills with a visible “hospital corner”.

The options are endless!


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