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Why You Need A Microfibre Hair Towel

Why You Need A Microfibre Hair Towel

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 17th Apr 2020

For the same reason you wouldn't use a  bath towel at the beach, or a tea towel to wash your face you shouldn't be using a regular terry bath towel to dry your hair. I know how precious you are with your hair and when you style it every day, wash it every other day and attack it with bleaches and dyes every couple of months, you need to make the little things count.

Why ordinary towel isn't the best choice to dry your hair?

When you rub your hair dry with a towel you are basically asking for split ends, flyways, frizzy hair and breakage. Why? Think about what happens when you rub anything against anything - friction. Yes friction produces heat and heat dries hair, not to mention the towel itself absorbs moisture.

But similar to when you rub two sticks together you create fire, rubbing your hair dry with a cotton towel causes enough friction to damage, break and weaken your hair and your hair follicles. And frizzy hair? Similar to rubbing a balloon on carpet, you’ve produced friction or heat and potentially static.

There are so many reasons and articles that talk about why a regular  bath towel is less than great for your hair. Using heat will cause damage, and the old drip dry method isn’t exactly quick and convenient. So how do you dry your hair?

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Microfibre is the best material 

Welcome to the wonderful world of microfibre.  Microfibre is a synthetic fibre, finer and smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk. It is commonly made from polyesters, polyamides and polypropylene or a combo of all three. Microfibres started being produced in the 1950's, didn't really get off the ground until the 1960's, didn't really hit the market until the 1970’s, but by the 1990's had become a popular fibre for its ability to remove moisture, its durability, how light weight it was and as an alternative to suedes and leathers sourced from animals.

It's often made into sportswear and cleaning products because of the moisture wicking away abilities it possesses. The idea to create one specifically for hair care was natural, as the fibre is 1/5 the size of a human hair, hence the name micro-fibre. Previously there was the old beauty school trick of wrapping your hair in a cotton t-shirt, however with the development of the microfibre towel specifically designed for human hair you can start wearing your t-shirts again and let the towels do all the work.

Other benefits of microfibre towel 

When towels are made from microfibre they dry quickly and are less prone to becoming stale or smelling mildew-y if not fully dried. Interestingly microfibre towels need to be treated in water and pressed during the production process - otherwise they would actually repel water. The beauty of microfibre towels is that they remove moisture and don't absorb it, so they are fantastic travelling companions or great towels to use at the gym. Or great for your hair - that needs as much moisture as it can get.

A regular bath towel usually has high absorbency which is great when getting out of the shower to dry your body - but not so great for your hair. You hair needs moisture;  over drying is the number 1 cause of breakage and hair fall. I've been just as guilty of being in a rush and roughly rubbing my hair upside down with a towel then throwing it all up in the oh-so-fashionable turban. Which is another big no-no because while your thought process is along the lines of "it's wrapped and I'm not scrubbing it dry and it’s not moving so how could it be damaging?" Well. A tight terry towel turban pulls and puts strain on your fine baby hairs and twists and pulls the rest of your hair, causing breakage. You have to be twice as careful when your hair is wet as it becomes a lot more fragile.

Drying with a microfibre hair towel using blotting and scrunching techniques and then gently wrapping your hair puts your follicles and tresses in much better place (emotionally, physically, spiritually.) If you have curlier hair it's especially important to make the switch to microfibre as it’s harder for curls to maintain moisture - so you need to be giving your hair every chance to retain as much moisture as possible.

You have a towel you use for your pets, one you take to the beach, one for your dishes, one you use as a picnic blanket, one to dry yourself after a shower, one to wash your face, one to dry your hands and a mat for your feet. It only makes sense that you hair should have its own towel too.

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