Dining Room

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Bringing both luxury and comfort to your home, Canningvale’s Collection of Dining Tables and Chairs has been designed to enhance your dining space and create a comforting, homely place for you and your loves ones to sit and enjoy meals together.

Whether you’re looking for furniture to fill a formal dining room or a more relaxed casual space, our collection of premium quality pieces has you covered. Choose from a selection of luxury dining chairs that have been designed to remain comfortable for hours on end, even during those lengthy family dinners.

Our Dining Tables are neutral in colour so that your placemats and table decorations will really stand out and bring the look to life. In a wide array of colours and textures, our luxury dining chairs are suited to square, round or rectangular dining tables but can also be the perfect single chair for the bedroom or in front of a desk or dressing table.

No matter which Dining Furniture you buy online today rest assured that your purchase is covered by Canningvale’s 5 year warranty against manufacturing faults. We want you to have complete confidence that you’re investing in excellent quality, great value pieces.