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6 Ways to Warm Up In Bed for Cold Sleepers

6 Ways to Warm Up In Bed for Cold Sleepers

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 30th Sep 2020

Are you a natural cold sleeper who tends to wake up in the middle of the night looking for more blankets or curling up into a tight ball trying to keep warm? Or do you usually have a hard time falling asleep or have an interrupted bedtime during colder months? Whether you’re the first or the latter, here are some things you can do to warm both you and your bed so you can get an optimal quality of sleep that your body needs.

Do light stretches before going to bed

Exercising or moving around is a proven way to build some body heat. Traditionally, exercising at night is not advised. However, a 2018 study suggests that exercising can be done in the evening as long as you do it at least an hour before sleeping and that you avoid overdoing it.

In light of this, consider doing light stretches an hour before bedtime. This will not only keep you warm but also help you fall asleep faster and have deep uninterrupted rest. According to the mentioned study, doing evening exercise has helped healthy adults drowse off fast and have more time in a deep sleep.

Just remember the emphasis on not over-exercising less than an hour before your scheduled beauty rest as it can energise you which can make falling asleep harder.

Take a warm shower or bath

After doing some light stretches, indulge yourself in a warm shower or bath. As the name implies, this will help you keep warm and at the same time comfortable, making you feel more sleepy.

However, similar to doing exercises before bedtime, there are a few things to take note of. First, dry your hair before going to bed as wet hair can intensify the cold that you’re feeling. If you don’t have time to dry your hair, you can opt for using a shower cap to avoid wetting your locks while you take a bath.

Drink hot water or caffeine-free tea before you sleep

In addition to stretching and taking a warm bath, you can go for a hot caffeine-free drink before bedtime to help increase your body temperature.Drinking warm water before sleeping can keep you hydrated all night, may help your body get rid of toxins and relieve stomach cramps. If you’re looking to spice it up, you can also try adding lemons. Tea, meanwhile, is proven to help some people experience a calming effect as well as keeping you warm.

Wear a good pair of reliable socks and pyjamas

Aside from working on increasing your body heat before bedtime, your body could also get some additional protection from the cold. Open your cabinets and look for the warmest pyjamas or clothing and socks to help you keep warm. If you’re still on the lookout for new ones, you can opt for flannel shirts and polar fleece pyjamas. You can also consider dressing in layers.

Another trick you can do with your pyjamas would be throwing them into the dryer for one to two minutes before wearing them to bed.

Use your bedding to your advantage

Of course, your bedding is not only there to make your bed look pretty. It is there to help keep you warm and cosy. If you’re a cold sleeper or gearing up for the winter season, add more layers to your bed by pairing your quilt and sheets with blankets and throws to give you the warm feeling you’re looking for.

However, make sure that these layers also feel breathable so your sleep won’t be interrupted by a heavy feeling. Sheets made from fabrics such as 1000 thread count cotton and flannelette are better breathable companions than can keep you warm during cold nights. For quilts, look for the warmth rating to guide you in finding the perfect one for you.

Cotton blankets also tend to be a favourite for all seasons as they are lightweight and have the ability to hold up well even after many washes.

Cuddle up

Good bedding can give you a feeling of a warm and cosy hug. Level up the comfort and warmth by cuddling up with someone or something such as your partner, kid, dog or pillow.

Are you looking for the perfect bedding to keep you warm? Head over to our bedroom collection and you might just find the best sheets, quilts, quilt covers, blankets and even a mattress for the cold sleeper in you.

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