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7 Essentials Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

7 Essentials Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 5th Oct 2020

April is the month we start to notice the change in weather and begin thinking about how we should prepare our homes for the temperature adjustment. There are a few simple changes you can make to transform your home into a cosy Winter abode.  

1. Check your colour palette

Summer is a great time to try out bright bouncy colours, but when the weather starts to get colder, these colours can feel sort of wrong and out of place. Those deeper, moody colours give off a cosier vibe that we associate more with hibernation and staying indoors. Think deep greens, navy blues and shades of charcoal, grey and taupe. If you’d usually opt for white sheets, try a darker set to give your bedroom a Winter feel. If all your throws and cushions are light and bright, swap them out for deeper colours and a bit of texture (see point number 5).

2. Look at layering

Layering your bed for Winter is amazing for 2 reasons. 1. It creates an effortlessly stylish look. 2. It gives you the option to add layers of warmth as and when you need them. For those incredibly chilly nights (think freezing toes and shivering as you get into bed) you can layer up to the extreme with your sheetsquilt, a blanket or throw, maybe even with an electric blanket thrown in for good measure. Then, on the night’s when you don’t feel like you’re sleeping somewhere in the Antarctic, you can pair back the layers to whatever is comfortable for you.

3. Choose the right bedding

When it comes to your bedding one quilt does not necessarily work for all seasons. If the warm night’s have come and gone more quickly than you’ve realised and you’re struggling with the cold, this could mean your quilt is too thin or the materials don’t provide enough warmth. For Winter you’re best to choose a heavier weight, wool, microfibre or feather & down quilt. If you’re trying to get by with something too thin, or made from predominantly cotton, you’re looking at some cold night’s ahead.

Tip: If you don’t know what material your quilt is, have a look at the care label for more information. This can help you work out if you need to find an alternative.

4. Go big and thick with towels

Stepping out of the shower in Winter can give you that uncomfortable chill that has you hopping around desperate to get into some warm clothes or a robe. A small towel may not be giving you enough coverage to keep you comfortable during this time. A larger towel such as a Bath Sheet will give you much more material to work with. You’ll also benefit from something thick and plush that will really keep the warmth of the hot shower in.

5. Focus on textures

When choosing your Winter home accessories, consider textures that are going to give you a feeling of warmth and comfort. Faux furs, velvets and chunky knits are much nicer to get cosy with than those lightweight cotton and linen fabrics.

6. Cover up hard floors

In Summer, it’s nice to feel a cool surface underfoot, but in Winter it just makes the whole house feel cold and makes it more difficult to warm up. Pop a nice rug in the living area or bedrooms if they have floorboards or tiles, and you’ll instantly get that cosy feel that comes with carpeted rooms. Your toes will thank you for it.

7. Switch to flannelette

Some people love flannelette, others are not a fan, but if you’ve never tried it and you tend to run cold, there’s no better time. There’s a reason why flannelette PJ’s are so popular so why not apply this logic to your bed linen and go for flannelette sheets and flannelette quilt covers

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